JUST when we thought we’ve seen every sushi bake possible, another quarantine “home-trepreneur” came up with something that everyone—even those with dietary restrictions—can tuck into without guilt.

Sushi and Friends’ keto-friendly sushi bake, the first and only one of its kind in Cebu, is a godsend to those who have sworn off carbs for health reasons, but have serious FOMO (fear of missing out) when it comes to food trends.

Here’s why:

1. Regular sushi bake uses sushi rice. This keto version uses cauliflower rice, glued together by mozzarella. Its texture and flavor, along with that of the other ingredients—cream cheese, wasabi, Japanese mayo, furikake, leeks and bonito flakes—will make each bite a treat to the taste buds.

2. There’s no dizzying list of options as Sushi and Friends offers only one variant: the salmon-kani sushi bake—even better as you have both salmon and kani in one dish! You just have to choose between sushi rice and cauliflower rice for your base.

3. Sushi and Friends makes its own furikake (Japanese rice seasoning) and even adds gold flakes as toppings for special occasions, upon request.

4. The keto sushi bake is available in extra small (good for one to two persons), small (for three to four persons), and medium (for six to seven persons) trays. One must pre-order at least a day ahead.

5. The owner, Jane Allison Angbetic, quit her 9-5 job as she felt that the routine of the corporate world was too much. She has found fulfillment in keeping bellies filled and cravings sated, one tray at a time. That’s a lot, as Sushi and Friends makes 80 to 100 a week!

To order, message Sushi and Friends on Facebook or Instagram (@sushii_and_friends).