Homegrown Topline Group of Companies partnered with international sporting goods brand, United Kingdom-based SparBar LTD. (UK) in the construction of a 108,000-square-foot factory that is viewed to catapult the country in the global manufacturing scene for home equipment.

Eugene Erik Lim, Topline Group president, said SparBar LTD. (UK) has been eyeing the Philippines for its operations.

"They were eyeing the Philippines for the manufacturing and production of SparBar products specifically in Cebu. We have finalized our agreement with them to bring their manufacturing arm here in the Philippines at the Mactan Economic Zone," Lim told SunStar Cebu.

SparBar Ltd. is the inventor, manufacturer and owner of the SparBar™ line of combat sports equipment and fitness products.

Based in London, England, SparBar Ltd. in 2019, appointed New York-based SparBar Inc. as its North American distributor pursuant to a distribution agreement that also licensed SparBar's worldwide Intellectual rights to the U.S. company.

On the other hand, the Topline Group of Companies is a private holding company headquartered in Cebu, Philippines and London, UK.

Since its establishment, Topline Group has accumulated a dynamic business portfolio in real estate, fuel distribution, logistics and port development and management, as well as in the food industry.

The Topline Group also has high-value investments in a wide array of industries, aligning itself to meet modern-day economic demands, and continues to find interests in property investment, clean energy and technology.

The company has a long term investment approach, with robust goals. The group's approach to business, local presence, responsiveness and agility are qualities that set them apart in the industry.`

"We're very happy and we're very excited for this partnership because it's not only good for the Topline Group of Companies but it's also good in bringing employment to our Filipino people. We're very bullish for this partnership because we're into real estate, vessels, venturing into energy and port development as well. This is a very good addition to our portfolio and the reach would be global," Lim said.

The products are aimed to tap the growing stay-at-home economy caused by the pandemic.

"It would not just be focusing on the UK but our products will go to the United States and Australia and other continents in the world because there are markets also there," Lim said.

Incentives from the Philippine Economic Zone Authority like tax holidays as well as other fiscal incentives from the government led to the venture.

Lim said Cebu's premier location also made it geographically viable.

"There are international ports and when we source out raw materials soon, it would also be accessible and the finished products can be shipped out to other countries," he said.

Lim said the country's manpower strengths which include the proficiency in speaking English and affordable labor were attractive to investors.

He said they are expecting to generate more than 100 jobs and are targeting to start the construction of the factory in the first quarter of 2021 and start operations sometime between the second and third quarter of the same year. SPONSORED CONTENT