THESE days, the safest way to have restaurant food is via takeout or delivery, and one of the biggest takeaways from the months-long quarantine is that Cebu is remarkably blessed with takeaway options. Even so, when one craves Chinese takeout, the number of options is not as immense.

It’s pretty understandable, as opening a Chinese restaurant in Cebu can be quite tricky. One has to mold itself to the taste of the locals but still be authentic enough to be a reputable Chinese brand.

In comes City Wok with its fast and fresh Chinese food that one can have delivered through food delivery apps or delivery service providers. Owned and managed by a family, the restaurant was established in December 2019 in Lahug, and now has a branch in Mandaue City that opened in August this year.

Rafael Co, the owner and head chef of City Wok, used to work in a Chinese restaurant. Inspired by his grandfather’s love for Chinese food, he now leads his own team of cooks who were also trained in Chinese cooking.

City Wok has an extensive selection and more than generous portions of food that can easily fill stomachs. It has choices of chicken, beef, pork, seafood, noodles, vegetables and dim sum, and has nailed certain items like its orange chicken, beef with broccoli, peppercorn ribs, chopsuey, pancit chami, Yangchow fried rice, tofu with vegetables and patatim. Besides its accurately seasoned dishes for sharing, City Wok is also known for its colorful assorted buns and dumplings.

“We use classic dim sum recipes and innovate through new colors, flavors. What sets us apart from all other dim sum restaurants is that we prioritize our customers’ request especially when there are food customizations. We serve only the best quality dim sum.

To make our customers’ food delivery a special one, City Wok offers a printed greeting card that they can send out to loved ones,” shared Rafael.

One can expect more set meals, unique buns and dishes from City Wok in the coming weeks or months.

For now, the restaurant seats eight for socially distanced dining, but all items are available for delivery so one can enjoy any of them in the comfort of his own home.

“We do our very best to attend to all customer needs and cravings for their satisfaction. City Wok assures customers that they will receive their food fresh and on time,” said Rafael.