NIDO 3+ hosted a wonderful virtual Todo Indoor Picnic Session (T.I.P.S.) by presenting the ins and outs of toddlerhood years in a multi-platform virtual event. It featured an interactive AR (augmented reality) activity to create a one-of-a-kind engagement.

Hosted by Kakki Teodoro with opening words led by Meg Panopio (consumer marketing manager - lead) and endorser Marian Rivera-Dantes and daughter Zia, the event was a fun-filled afternoon of explorer games and activities.

Providing the right amount of nutrients for children ages 3+, leading experts namely Dr. Trina Fiorcruz-Pacanay (paediatrician), Dr. Tsz Ning Mak (senior scientist, Nestle Research Center) and Dr. Yvonne Leninghan (nutritionist, Nestle Research Center) also shared helpful tips to guide, protect and support your toddler during these unprecedented times.

To complete the picnic event, attendees savoured the moment by listening to Leanne and Naara sing some songs including the iconic Nido Song.