MORE initiatives are being done by the Rotary Club of Metro Baguio in support for the End Polio Now campaign of the Rotary International.

As part of their global polio eradication efforts, RCMB has produced information education campaigns or IEC materials such as video documentaries and presentations informing the public about polio, its symptoms, effects, and how to avoid it including on how the unity among the community can help in eradicating the virus.

RCMB president Jerry Chan said these informative and engaging videos are posted in the social media platform such as on their facebook page where the public can have access to the information.

"The RCMB joins the world in celebrating end polio day and we will do our part by sharing through social media the awareness campaign on the effect of polio, what is polio, and what we can do to avoid it. Let us join hands and contribute to make our world polio free," Chan said.

RCMB Club Secretay Audrey Sungduan said apart from the social media, they will also distribute flyers and ballpens in the different barangays in the Pines City and partners with the local media as part of their end polio drive.

Club member Rotarian Christopher Ian Cabalza who is a medical doctor by profession is also active in the campaign underscoring the importance of vaccination for children to be protected from the virus.

"As a doctor, my way of giving back to the community is through the info drive by letting the community know especially mothers, parents, if they have children they need to confirm to vaccination which is the greatest gift they can give to their kids especially the vaccination needed for polio eradication," Cabalza explained.

He added that vaccination is well accepted and well known in preventing diseases and this innovation in the field of medicine should not be ignored.

He also said that parents whose children have not yet given vaccines from rural health units or municipalities should know that this is the greatest prevention to eradicate polio not just in the community of Baguio but in the entire Philippines.

Polio is a viral disease and it usually causes paralysis to the spinal cord affecting the lower extremity of the body.

According to RI polio is a potentially deadly infectious disease that most commonly affects children under the age of 5 and spreads from person to person, typically through contaminated water.

For more than 35 years, Rotary has been working for the eradication of polio. RCMB is one with Rotary and the entire world in observing the End Polio Day on October 24.

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