Despite many people still working and studying from home, there’s no shortage of new bites to try. Even business owners have made it even more convenient for us to have these food items delivered to us with just a few simple taps on our smartphones. Here is this week’s roundup of food discoveries that the team loved:

Cookies & Chase’s Baked Sushi

They weren’t lying when they said their sushi bake is loaded with kani and salmon. Unlike most, this has more toppings than sushi rice, and even with its cream cheese and Japanese mayo dressing which has a hint of spiciness, it does not overwhelm one’s taste buds.

Krave Cafe’s Milky Cheese

Donut Bombs

With a light and fluffy dough that can stand on its own and has just the right chew to it, a generous stuffing of cheddar cheese that oozes when warm, plus milk powder for sprinkling, these really are the bomb.

La Lucha Taqueria’s Quesabirria Tacos

As if beef birria and melted queso aren’t indulgent enough, these are encased in consommé-dipped flour tortilla which you can dip again in the consommé that’s served on the side, along with onions and cilantro. It’s a Mexican party in every mouthful.

Flour Bud Cebu’s Flower Tea Cookies

These flower-pressed, tea-infused shortbread cookies are a first in the Philippines. Available in Rose Petal Ceylon Tea, Butterfly Pea Oolong and Jasmine Earl Grey flavors, these dainty cookies are perfect for gifting, tea parties or other special occasions.

Farine’s Ube Cheese Pan de Sal

Don’t let the pale exterior fool you. The rich ube flavor is not in the bread’s color but in the filling. Farine’s has nailed the ube to cream cheese ratio in that although it does not gush when you tear the bread in half, it’s more than enough to complement the slightly sweet dough it’s wrapped in.

BRGR’s Cheeseburger

Where else can you find a proper burger for only P180? And by proper, we mean four ounces of U.S. beef patty that although cloaked in cheddar, still has that fire-grilled flavor. The addition of pickles and its house sauce does not mask the beefy goodness either.

The Federal Gourmet’s Black Truffle

Potato Chips

Potato chips are addictive on their own. The Federal Gourmet ups the ante with these black truffle-flavored spuds. These come in either pints or resealable pouches so they’re good as gifts too and can travel well for delivery.

RestoBox’s Subscription Meal Plan

Meal planning and prepping is great and all, until you inevitably run out of viable food combinations. RestoBox’s chefs can do all that for you, for only P350 a day (lunch and dinner). Expect restaurant-quality meals with hefty portions. They also take note of your dietary restrictions and allergies, if any.

Plantation Bay Bakeshop’s Ensaymada

Plantation Bay’s version does not rely on a mound of grated cheese or any other topping—nor does it need any of it. Its soft, moist and buttery dough will take you back to your childhood when classic ensaymada was a merienda staple.

Golden Peak Hotel and Suites Cebu’s Meat Roll

Believe us when we say you’ve never had meat rolls like this one. Not your ordinary meat bun, its dough is ultra soft and pliable, and the pork asado filling almost bursts at the seams, literally.