A YEAR and five decades after, the social club turned civic organization of Hijos de Davao is going strong and living its purpose to preserve Dabawenyo culture.

On Hijos de Davao’s golden year, time was ripe for the legacy to be penned and published. With the much-anticipated Hijos de Davao volume finally out, the stories of the significant characters who were influential in shaping this city can now be read.

The formal launching gathered the descendants of the organization’s founders, the first people to leaf through the book’s pages before the ballroom doors opened for the anniversary ball.

This year, Meg Ong, daughter of 25th year muse, Gretchen Jocson-Ong, was named and crowned the 51st muse. Escorted by Marco Garcia-Dizon, the two young locals made a most dashing pair for the elegant Davao affair.

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