THE Pampanga Truckers and Haulers Association was successful in getting the attention of the management of the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) toll gates last Saturday to express its officers and members' grievances over the ban imposed against the dump trucks from passing the premier highway leading to Metro Manila.

Led by its officers, some of its members barricaded their dump trucks at toll exits that caused heavy traffic among exiting motorists. The blockade was not meant for motorists who suffered delays in their travel as collateral damage. Their travel was merely coincidental to the expression of sentiments of truckers who are to date, not yet allowed to use the NLEX.

The use of the NLEX in going to Metro Manila from Pampanga and back gives much convenience and time to truckers. On the other hand, taking other alternate routes like the Mac Arthur Highway uses much time and offers poor road conditions to any vehicles including dump trucks.

The issue being raised by the NLEX management is on overloading. There is no doubt that these monstrous trucks are heavy. But then, they have already undertook some measures like adding additional tires and cutting smaller their dump boxes.

While it is understandable that the NLEX is merely protecting its highways, the trucking and the quarrying industries in Pampanga are much affected by the ban on dump trucks hauling sand and other filling materials and passing through the expressway.

To stop the blocking of the exits particularly at Angeles City, City of San Fernando and San Simon, its good thing and very timely that Pampanga Governor Dennis Pineda came to talk to the truckers. The situation was settled peacefully except for one incident where a trucker was handcuffed by an NLEX patrol crew.

The NLEX is protecting its roads, however, the said industries should also be protected as it is affecting hundreds of mouths going hungry from the truck drivers, helpers, operators and many others. It's a known fact that sand and other forms of quarrying, transport and hauling are major sources of livelihood of many kapampangans.

It is deadly to stop the industries in the province. Killing the goose that lay golden eggs would mean hungry kapampangans who rely mainly to quarrying and hauling.


The Limlingan-Pacheco family expresses its profound gratitude to all those who condoled, offered prayers, expressed sadness and sympathy during their time of bereavement over the passing away of Orlando Gopez Limlingan of Guagua and Mexico, Pampanga. Dakal pung salamat.


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