CEBUANO sharpshooter Roygbiv “Roy” Barro is back in the firing range after nine months of hiatus as he prepares for a major comeback in the 24th Battle of the Gun Clubs on Dec. 9 to 13 at the Armscor Firing Range in Marikina City.

Prior to the tournament, Barro will leave for Manila on Nov. 21 to join a shootfest hosted by his mother club, the Laguna Practical Shooting Group (LAG-PSG) headed by its president Grandmaster Jun Catalan.

Barro, 20, takes his first swing back to normalcy after being inactive for the past nine months owing to the nationwide lockdown caused by the threat of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic.

Prior to the lockdown, Barro had been making waves in the practical shooting scene having won both local and national tournaments last year.

With the restrictions slowly easing and the borders now opening, Barro looks forward to regaining his shooting form before joining major tournaments by the end of the year.

“All the dry firing that I had and self-discipline from the last nine months since the lockdown, I’m finally able to put them into action,” said Barro, who trained at the Danao Gun Club.

“I would like to extend my gratitude to Danao Gun Club and NS Gun Club for allowing me to practice in their shooting range most especially to Atty. Jessie Capoy for accompanying me every time I practiced in his range (Danao). It really helped me a lot,” he added.

Barro has been picked by Catalan to form part of the select five-man Team A of LAG-PSG in the Standard High-Capacity Caliber 40 category. The others are Erwin Vidallon, Genesis Pible, Jean Paolo Tenorio and

Mark Tan.

“Being one of the selected individuals to represent LAG-PSG in this big prestigious event by our president (Catalan) himself is such a huge honor to me because all of my teammates in this five-man team are from Manila and I’m just the lone man from Cebu and I know it is a serious matter to him,” he said.

Barro and his group will be up against the best practical shooters across the country.