The power of healing staycation

The power of healing staycation

IT'S been a while since I wrote for this travel column. And like all travel bugs out there, I do miss traveling. A lot. The pandemic really hit us all hard.

We've been stuck in a bubble for eight months now but I'm glad that restrictions are eased to allow and support our local tourism. With the vaccine still a fantasy as of writing, we are left with no choice but to live with Covid-19, of course, while observing minimum health safety protocols -- that's our new normal.

Anyway, I'm here again for this column to share my recent local travel after months of staying and working from home. I feel like we all need that break to rediscover things beyond our homes like a quick nature getaway at Malagos Garden Resort. The experience was no less of a refreshing and recharging farmcation.

And if you're planning to finally have that much-needed break, here are some of the things I recommend you should try inside the proudly Davao resort.

Villa with a view

We stayed in Heliconia Villa (Honeymoon Suite) for our overnight stay. If it's privacy within nature you are looking for, this is the best room for you. My favorite part of the room is its glass walls allowing you to view the green spaces of the property. The lush green trees, symphony of birds, the lullaby of the flowing stream, and the totality of calmness nature brings are more than enough of an experience. I could just stay there on my bed, and enjoy the view and sound of nature all day long. It's surreal.

Bird watching

One new but definitely a must-try activity you should try while inside the resort is bird watching. Although you have to wake up early and be ready at around 6 a.m., I guarantee you it will all be worth it once you chance upon seeing beautiful birds.

Nothing is more beautiful than witnessing birds in their natural habitat, it's a different experience I must say. The resort recorded over 60 species of birds that can be spotted within the property as validated by Big Year birdwatchers' group.

While doing such activity, you'll develop the art of patience and the appreciation of nature's beauty and diversity.

Farming experience

Malagos is a known brand worldwide when it comes to chocolates and cacao. So it's almost impossible to not experience or at least learn a thing or two about farming. A chocolate museum is waiting for you to learn more about the process and production of Malagos chocolates.

But Malagos is more than just chocolates, it is also famous for producing healthy vegetables and adorable stress-relieving plants. The resort makes sure you get to appreciate food from farm to table. The Hydroponics garden, the butterfly garden, and the plant lounge are all there to promote mental and physical health and wellness.

Also, egg-picking activity within their farm is also a fun activity you can try especially with the kids. Those eggs picked will be cooked and served for your breakfast, isn't that fun?

Safer dining

I know you still have second thoughts on booking for resorts due to the threats of the virus, but the resort made it sure that you will stay with confidence in your safety.

You'll surely enjoy feasting on Malagos treats as dining areas are frequently sanitized and all the staff is wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) all the time. On top of that, the resort promotes outdoor dining experience offering lesser cramped areas than indoors.

If you're asking for my recommendation on what food to try, my top favorites are Malagos hot chocolate, cheese platter, Humba with Malagos Chocolate, Watermelon smoothie, and Malagos Chocolate and Macha frappe.

Malagos Garden Resort reopens today, November 18, 2020. As we move forward from this pandemic, let's support our local tourism to bounce back our economy and help sustain employment for the community.

So when you plan to finally have that break from all the stress and noise around us urbanites, go get your face mask and shield, and drive safely to a resort that offers a healing experience refined by nature.

For suggestions, comments, and questions, email me at Follow me on social media @acejunerell.


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