Cervantes: Jesus Christ talks about eternal hell, describes it (Part 1)

Phone Notes

SOMEONE told me politely, “I don;t read your columns because I don’t want a happy day ruined.”

There was no reason for me to take offense. For one thing, no one is under obligation to believe private revelations. And then, it can’t be denied that bad news, whether it is a prophecy relying on conditions that could be met, can really be a downer for any day.

Still, it makes sense for a believer to spread messages from private revelations, particularly those addressed not only to a mystic, but to some people or even all mankind. God doesn’t relay messages for nothing, even in our modern days.

In this column, however, there are no dire prophecies from the mystics, but the topic is nevertheless not so pleasant: it’s about hell as described by Jesus Christ Himself.

This, after having thought of what St. Faustina Kowalska said after she was shown hell. She noted that many of those she saw in hell were people who refused to believe hell existed. Awareness of the existence of hell should inspire us to be good, do good.

Jesus Christ, in his message to mystic Maria Valtorta, talked about hell. Valtorta’s writings had once been endorsed by no less than St. Padre Pio when a penitent in the confessional asked him whether it was okay to read Valtorta. The padre’s reply: “I order you (to read Valtorta).”

So here is hell, in the words of Our Lord:

“The men of this time no longer believe in the existence of Hell. They have invented an afterlife according to their taste, such as to be less terrorizing for their conscience, deserving of great punishment. More or less faithful disciples of the Spirit of Evil, they know that their conscience would draw back from certain misdeeds if it really believed in Hell just the way Faith teaches that it is; they know that their conscience, after committing the misdeed, would turn back upon itself and find repentance in remorse and, with repentance, the way to return to Me.

“Their malice, instructed by Satan, whose servants or slaves they are according to their degree of adherence to the desires and suggestions of the Evil One, does not want these acts of withdrawal and turning back upon themselves. It thus cancels out faith in Hell as it really is and manufactures another one -if it goes so far as to manufacture it- which is nothing but a pause to make a dash for other, future elevations. It pushes this opinion to the point of believing sacrilegiously that the greatest of all the sinners of mankind, the favorite son of Satan, the one who was a thief, as stated in the Gospel, who was lascivious and anxious for human glory, as I state, the Iscariot (Judas), who through the hunger of the threefold concupiscence became a merchant of the Son of God and for thirty coins and with the sign of a kiss-a ridiculous monetary value and an infinite emotional value- placed Me in the hands of the executioners, can be redeemed and arrive at Me by passing through successive stages.

“No. If he was the sacrilegious one par excellence, I am not. If he was the unjust one par excellence, I am not. If he was the one who shed my Blood with disdain, I am not. And to forgive Judas would be sacrilege for my Divinity, betrayed by him; it would be injustice towards all other men, who are always less blameworthy than he and are still punished for their sins; it would be disdain for my Blood; finally, it would be to neglect my laws.

“I said -I, the Triune God- that what is destined for Hell endures in it for eternity, for people do not emerge from that death to a new resurrection. I said that fire is eternal and that all the scandalous and workers of iniquity shall be gathered together in it. And do not think, either, that this will be until the moment of the end of the world. No, because, on the contrary, after the tremendous review, that dwelling of weeping and torment will become even more atrocious, since what is still granted to its lodgers for their amusement-to be able to harm the living and to see new damned ones plummeting into the abyss will no longer exist, and the gate of Satan’s iniquitous kingdom shall be riveted shut, bolted by my angels, forever, forever, forever -a forever whose number of years has no number and compared to which the grains of sand of all the earth’s oceans, if they were to become years, would be less than a day of this immeasurable eternity of mine, made of light and glory on high for the blessed, made of darkness and horror in the depths for the accursed.

“I told you that Purgatory is a fire of love. Hell is a fire of severity. Purgatory is a place where, while thinking of God, whose Essence has shone for you in the instant of the private judgment and has filled you with a wish to possess it, you expiate the acts involving a lack of love for the Lord your God. Through love you conquer Love, and, bdegrees of increasingly inflamed charity, you wash your robe until making it white and glistening to enter into the kingdom of Light, whose splendors I showed you a few days ago.

“Hell is a place where the thought of God, the memory of God, glimpsed in the private judgment, is not, as for those being purged, a holy desire, a grieved, but hope-filled longing, a hope full of tranquil expectation, of secure peace which shall reach perfection when it becomes the conquest of God, but which already gives the spirits being purged a cheerful activity in purgation because every affliction, every instant of affliction, draws them closer to God, their love; but it is remorse, anger, damnation, and hatred. Hatred for Satan, hatred for men, hatred for themselves.

“After having adored Satan in life, in place of Me, now that they possess him and see his true appearance, no longer hidden behind the bewitching smile of flesh, behind the shining brightness of gold, behind the powerful sign of supremacy, they hate him since he is the cause of their torment.

“After forgetting their dignity as children of God -having adored men to the point of becoming killers, thieves, swindlers, and merchants of filth for their sake, now that they re-encounter their bosses, for whom they have killed, robbed, deceived, and sold their honor and the honor of so many unfortunate, weak, defenseless creatures, making them an instrument for the vice which beasts are not familiar with -for lust, the attribute of man poisoned by Satan- now they hate them since they are the cause of their torment.”

(To be continued in Part 2)


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