RESIDENTS of Iraga, Solana, Cagayan are in need of potable water as they still face water problems after their community was submerged for days due to massive flooding caused by Typhoon Ulysses.

Responding to their appeal is the Rotary Club of Metro Baguio (RCMB), who personally visited the place and provided the most requested bottled mineral water to 200 families or 600 individuals during the 4th Wave of Relief Goods Operations of the group in Cagayan on November 22.

Rotarian Dr. Christopher Ian Cabalza, who lead the "Action Tulong Para sa Cagayan" project in the area, said residents severely affected by the typhoon were also provided cup noodles, biscuits, bar soap, shampoo, juice, alcohol, face masks and fortified rice.

Cabalza added the relief distribution was very fulfilling especially when they hear the words thank you from the beneficiaries.

"Our simple act of Kindness can go a long, long way. My experience during the 4th wave of Relief good operations is very fulfilling even though we were all tired for the series of operations. Imagine the victims are still able to say ‘Thank You’ as a way of gratefulness in receiving their relief goods- there are still smiles and hopes in their faces amidst the wrath of Typhoon Ulysses,” he narrated.

RCMB President Jerry Chan said there are still a lot of people in need in Cagayan and they hope to help them most especially those at the far-flung areas with the help of Cabalza, who is from Tuguegarao and supporters of the project.

RCMB’s 4th Wave Relief Goods Operations in Cagayan was made possible with their partners in service- Dr. Cabalza Medical - Surgical Clinic, 4 T Foundation International USA, SOF Christian Church, Dr. Aldrin and Christine Siwao, and Trishias Refilling Water Station.

May there be more supporters for the relief operations that will benefit the constituents of Cagayan.

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