A BEAUTIFUL heart is more important than a beautiful face.

Like others, this is what Joanna Ricci Alajar has been embracing, especially now that the world is facing a humungous challenge.

The beauty queen-model is actively supporting initiatives to help those in need, particularly young children all over Davao Region. She is one of the main movers of the Dabapreneur x Bags-to-School campaign of the JCI Davaoeña Daba-daba. This project is helping students as well as entrepreneurs of Pantukan and Maco in Davao de Oro and Bunawan in Davao City get through the pandemic.

“It was an idea I had long before during the announcement of the ‘new normal’ education system. Modules are the only way that young kids would rely upon if they have no internet access nor devices to continue their education. And so, I initiated the idea to my organization about helping these kids from far-flung areas to assist and help them continue their education. We can be a ray of hope to others and JCI Davaoena Daba-daba has been a great avenue for me to put this idea into action,” she narrated.

The group assisted local entrepreneurs market their projects through a social media campaign. To maximize this move, a product shoot was made to entice more buyers to patronize the brands and products affiliated with the project. The profit generated from selling the featured brands and products was used to purchase the required materials for the printing of modules by the identified beneficiary-schools.

When asked why she opted to focus on children, Joanna shared that this was basically anchored on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals of providing quality education. She revealed that her organization is committed to be part of achieving this particular international objective.

“We decided to provide printing materials because these are what the schools need now. We want to provide the kids with enough modules and other printed materials for them to learn the lessons at home. With the crisis we are facing, each little help goes a long way. Some kids in the far-flung areas don't have a reliable internet connection, much more the devices needed to access online learning. Thus, we really see to it that every kid is given an equal opportunity to access quality education even during these trying times,” Joanna said.

As a beauty queen and model, she emphasized on the importance of using her influence to help others.

“A woman is truly beautiful when she knows her true self and uses this opportunity to create change in her community. In these trying times, I've realized that there are a lot of opportunities we can take to help others. We may be facing a lot of trials, but then we can be the ray of hope for other people by just doing a random act of kindness,” she said.

Joanna also encouraged those who have the capacity to help to do their share. She also noted that beauty queens and models like her can do the same.

“Your influence can be a great initiative in collecting help from others who can provide for those who are less fortunate at this time of the pandemic. A lot of people lost their job, many are suffering from poverty and hunger, and there are children out there who need your help for them to continue dreaming, your influence matters now more than ever. You can start this in just a few clicks, and you'll never know how this little act of yours can do great things for other people. Use your influence well, and you might be the hope that these people are looking for,” she concluded.


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