FOOD is so much in the minds of everyone now, especially with the continuing hungry victims of the series of deadly typhoons in far north, Central Luzon, Albay and Mindoro. Though a good number of caring individuals have responded, our indigenous peoples (IPs) remain far from the giving hands.

I continue to appeal through my column, that we take note of them, especially the Mangyans of Mindoro. Through the mass relief operations we see posted in social media, I am alarmed that a good deal of relief goods are instant noodles and other "toxic" highly processed food that have been proven to be carcinogens--the reason why I write again to warn our readers.

What to avoid?

How can we turn eating into health empowering exercise? To achieve optimum health, Dr. Paavo Airola, a food specialist, author of several books on the matter, presents the following scientifically proven facts that we are hardly aware of:

Adequate amounts of high-quality proteins, not just meat, may be derived from our daily food if we eat adequate vegetables, fruits, fish, seeds, and nuts.

Margarine should never be used. Small amounts of natural butter are better. Airola prescribes the following diet: 15- to 20-percent fat, 10-percent protein, and 70- to 75-percent complex natural carbohydrates. If followed, this percentage distribution of food elements, one free of excessive proteins and fats, would minimize one from having cancer.

Excessive use of salt can cause high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer of the stomach and bowels. Salt, according to Dr. Airola, must not exceed five grams a day, including all dietary sources.

In his prescribed diet, Dr. Airola avers that we can obtain all of the salt we need from natural, unprocessed, unsalted food. Whole sea salt, used in moderation, is a better option than processed salt.

Refined white sugar, white flour and everything made with them like cookies, cakes, candies, doughnuts should be avoided. These sweet snacks are also often made with artificial sweeteners and fructose--harmful elements that have been proven to affect our kidneys and cause diabetes as well. Honey must be used, according to Dr. Airola, in strict moderation.

Why avoid sugar and fat together? Recent medical studies on chronic deadly diseases have shown that the deadly combination of fat and sweets is a major cause of heart disease.

Excessive drinking of alcohol, so common not only among the rich but also the poor, especially deadly lambanog is also bad.