THE coronavirus disease has infected millions of people in the whole world. It has claimed numerous lives too and is killing more to date. The world is suffering tremendously from the pandemic.

The virus spreads rapidly since it was discovered last year in China for almost a year now. For almost a year too, a vaccine for it is yet to be finally used to assure the health of the people, this notwithstanding that it was already injected to an elderly woman abroad. People are still adamant to use it for fear of side effects.

Aside from human lives, the virus has greatly affected the economy of almost all countries. It is undeniable that we are on an economic crisis due to the lack of economic activities. As we try to avoid getting infected, we are on a state of stagnancy.

Also affected by the pandemic is the education of young students whose classes were disrupted for the longest time and are now bearing with online classes. The quality of education has been sacrificed but it is better than aggravating the spread.

The pandemic has also changed human lifestyles as we are now getting used to wearing face masks and shields, washing hands and social distancing. Hygiene is now the priority of all that made us frequently use alcohol or sanitizers.

Because of travel restrictions and border closures, leisure travels had become things of the past. This greatly affects tourism and other business in tourists spots. Travel goals are now suspended for many. Because of this, cruise ships and airlines are docked and parked until the situation gets back to normal.

Manufacturing, agriculture, transport, sales and others sectors are losing their income due to lack of human activities. Economic activities except for the essentials were put to a halt. We can observe that even public markets' sales have slowed down.

For the new normal, online selling is now the trend wherein we can purchase anything at a click of a button with the goods we bought delivered at our doorsteps. Since the implementation of lockdowns, a number of talipapa have been established in strategic places including at roadsides.

Indeed, the pandemic has changed our lives. It has changed our lifestyles and many of our activities and routines. Reversion to the pre-pandemic period may take time but it has also taught us very valuable lessons that we do now appreciate even simple hygiene and doing away with unnecessary activities.


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