It’s officially Christmas party season and most people are probably doing it virtually this year.

Besides, it wouldn’t be prudent to host a huge bash during this time. A year like no other requires some thinking outside the box, but we’ve got that covered for you. Here are some party theme ideas for both online and in-person gatherings with your nearest and dearest:

Pajama Party

Guests will love this as it doesn’t require dressing up. They can skip the sequins and suits and come in their ugliest sweater or comfiest pajamas and snack on light bites paired with casual drinks or better yet, hot cocoa. Ordering food online will save the host the hassle too. Stream holiday movies, play holiday Bingo, or simply exchange stories on the year that was.

Winter Wonderland

Living in the tropics has always made us dream of a white Christmas. Because travel plans are canceled this year, transform your space into your own Winter Wonderland with white decor and have your guests dress accordingly too. Be clear with your instructions when you send out your invites to avoid a “Didn’t anyone tell you that this was an all-white party, huh?” scenario (props to those who get this reference).

Christmas Around the World

One can play host sans the stress of cooking for a crowd by making it a potluck party but with a fun twist. You can take care of the main dish and leave the rest to the guests. Have them pick a country, research its Christmas specialties and bring one to the party. It can be an all-dessert or an all-appetizer party too. Communication is key in ensuring there’s no overlap.

Christmas Costume Party

Ask each guest to come as one of the characters of his favorite Christmas movie. Someone can be the Christmas on the Square angel, a couple can play Santa and Mrs. Claus of The Christmas Chronicles while another guest can dress up as the spiteful and vengeful Grinch. Pick the food and drinks based on the theme, and prepare prizes for Best Costume and Most In-Character.

Christmas Carol-oke

It wouldn’t be wise to go caroling around your village. Why not belt out your favorite Christmas tunes in a mini karaoke party? Everyone should get a turn in singing his holiday track of choice, whether it’s an original version or a cover by new artists. Group numbers are welcome, too. Make it more fun by having guests select the next song based on the last word of the last song played. For example, if one guest sings “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” the next performer should pick a song whose first word is “Christmas.”