BRUTAL. This is how we can describe the killing of the mother and son who was shot by a policeman at Paniqui, Tarlac. As seen on the video which went viral recently, the police officer shot with his service pistol an elderly woman and her son who is having some altercation with the lawman brought about by the victim's use of a "boga," a noisemaker usually used during the New Year's eve.

I have seen the longer version of the video, giving me the goosebumps and the shock of seeing a man mercilessly shooting the woman and her son who both instantly fell to the ground after the gunshots.

The world suddenly stopped its revolution for the family of the shooting victims who immediately wept as they saw their kin on the ground lifeless. They probably couldn't believe what they saw after the policeman pumped four bullets on their heads.

The culprit, despite the intensity of his anger, should have just shouted or even hurt the victims and not ruthlessly killing them for these are human lives and not chickens to be butchered. Sadly, it's another example of senseless killing.

As expected, the policeman earned the great ire of those who have watched the video of the killing. Of course, the families of the victims are into high grief and intense anger and probably ask why it had to happen.

Despite the intensity of the situation, the shooter, a lawman by profession, should have exercised maximum tolerance as often instructed to police officers when dealing with critical situations. The mother and son were unarmed while the policeman, with a heavy built stature had a 9-mm pistol on his hand.

Assuming that the policeman was provoked by the mother and son, still the response to the provocation is way too much and improper since lives were lost and cannot be brought back.

The police organization is quick to respond as damage control with its statement that it is an isolated incident and one bad cop is different from the other cops who are good. Nonetheless, the image of the men in uniform was again tainted by the incident. We cannot blame the people "they serve and protect" to be traumatized by gun-wielding, trigger-happy cops who can easily squeeze-in bullets to anyone they can have an argument with.

The incident happened a few days before Christmas and we cannot just imagine the grief of those who have lost their loved ones. While we are trying to survive this pandemic, two innocent lives were easily taken away by bullets because of a simple squabble.


Despite the present crises we are experiencing, we need to give time to celebrate, in a simple new-normal way, the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. One way of making it worthwhile is spending it at our respective homes with our families and loved ones. This is a very opportune time for bonding simply and making merry the occasion. Merry Christmas to all!


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