IN A bid to promote wellness and boost the economy, tourism has opened for the municipality of La Trinidad but with strict health protocols.

Valred Olsim, La Trinidad tourism officer, said visitors are required to practice minimum health standards and to pre-book their visits so that the establishments can manage arrivals with consideration to physical distancing and reduced carrying capacity.

Olsim said the valley has opened tourism for Baguio-Benguet residents and clients, as approved by the municipal Inter-Agency Task Force and in response to the growing calls to have avenues for mental health wellness, and to safely and gradually open up economy.

Among the parks open are:

1. Admirals Farm Park

Lamtang, Puguis

Entrance Fee: P25 (short visit)

Pre-book @ 09161532128 / 09106603483

2. Darjanes Flower Garden

Shilan, La Trinidad

Entrance Fee: P 150 (includes snacks and unli coffee)

Pre-book @ 09998787544

3. Lily of the Valley Organic Farm

Ampasit, Puguis

Entrance Fee: P120 (with lecture)

Pre-book @ 09206858281

4. Avong nen Romy

Upper Wangal

Entrance Fee: P50

Pre-book @ 09982279343

5. Living Gifts Cactus Farm

Riverside, Alno

Entrance Fee: P 120

Pre-book @ 09284475013

6. Mt. Kalugong

Tayaoan, Tawang

Entrance Fee: P 100

Pre-book @ 09293024287

7. Bell Church

City limit, Km. 3, Balili

Parking Fee: P20 (Entrance: any donation)

Pre-book @ 09331504606

8. Garden Nen Ines


Entrance Fee: P100 (w/ snack or token)

Pre-book @ 09087807006

9. Cosmic Farm

Caban, Beckel

Entrance Fee: P100 (with farm tour)

Pre-book @ 09193260749

10. Mount Costa

Longlong, Puguis

Entrance Fee: P 200 (MGCQ rate) includes guide

Pre-book @ 09774097004

* Discounts apply to Children and Seniors in all sites.

* There are fees because these sites are privately-owned. It is better to turn their properties into parks and recreation sites than to turn them into buildings and subdivisions which we cannot enjoy. ??

11. Mt. Yangbew & Tayawan Heights

Barangay Tawang Advisory:

Now open to La Trinidad residents only, in the meantime

Pre-booking strictly required. Pre-book @ 09103900936

Environmental fee P30.00

Practice safety and health standards.