PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has another list aside from those who are alleged to be involved in illegal drugs trade, this time on those house representatives who are alleged to be involved in corruption. This came after his announcement that he will name names of corrupt elected officials in his government.

The allegation that one is involved in corruption is quite a serious accusation that can maliciously impute a person a wrongdoing. The lawmakers retorted denying such claims that they are not involved in any corruption activities.

The President is straight to the point. He has a sharp tongue that can easily cut off one's head. Because he is the president, his words are important and he is easily believed minus the opposition and his detractors to his believers.

Because he is the president, he has free access to the media and to the people of the republic. He has the free publicity opportunities with his every word easily reaching even to households. Because he is the president, he can be heard by almost anyone.

When he started his presidency, he came up with a narco-list of politicians who were alleged to have been involved in drug-related activities. Those in the list suffered from the trial by publicity. There are some who sought re-election from their positions but lost due to the said list.

Some of those in the narco-list have been killed due to their alleged involvement in illegal drugs trade. Their killers remain scot-free and their murder are said to be related to their alleged drug activities. Until now, there is no confirmation on the real score of their being in the list.

On the other hand, how are his accused faring now in the eyes of their constituents? The list of those alleged to be involved in corruption is very damaging and destructive. It destroys the reputation of one, whether the accusation is true or otherwise.

The list is malicious. The President need not come up with a list of those who are alleged to be corrupt since it is public shaming in the guise of an act of transparency and accountability of public servants. What he should do, instead of coming up with a list, is to cause the filing of charges against the said corrupt before the proper tribunal or agency of the government.

Instead of doing shaming or subjecting some persons especially elected officials into trials by publicity that result into public ridicule and loss of trust and confidence, the President should play in a leveled field in a proper forum where justice can be served if necessary and proper.


The year 2020, a bad year for the world, bid goodbye and we welcomed the new year 2021 with much hope that the present global health crisis shall end. We ended the year and started the new one with prayers that we shall have a brighter and healthier future ahead.

Happy and healthy New Year to all.


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