WE HAVE been through a lot in the year 2020. There was an eruption of the Taal, earthquakes in different parts of the country, typhoons of different strengths, floods, landslides, shooting incidents and of course the pandemic. These are the major threats that befell Filipinos the past year.

For the hopefuls, these are mere trials that we had overcome or overcoming and hope that the bad year will not be the same for this year. We have to keep our fingers crossed that such natural disasters would come in moderation, that people won't be firing guns anymore and that the global health problem be solved finally.

The economy has not recovered yet and the number of jobless is still aplenty. We are still down on our knees but positively rising up from the problems the year has brought us.

The New Year's Eve is usually a day to reckon with as it symbolizes hope for us every year. It is when we literally leave the ending year and open the ensuing 12 months with the hope that they are better, bringing more opportunities rather than adversities.

In the past, it was marked by revelry and various noise-making. With the current health threat, many kinds of firecrackers were banned with lighting even a small one made limited in front of our houses. Nonetheless, there were still those who celebrated the turning of the year with bangers. These are people who are somehow manifesting their hope for a better year.

When we cannot avoid problems as enumerated above, we can somehow alleviate their effects and start anew. We cannot stop disasters and calamities from happening, but we can mitigate how they adversely affect our lives and continue living with hope.

There may now be some vaccines for the virus causing the present pandemic. However, the effects and the side-effects are not yet overwhelmingly publicized. The first to have been injected with may have been spared from getting infected but the vaccines are yet to be made the 100 percent solution. In other words, those who had been given the vaccine, including the members of the Presidential Security Group, are still the guinea pigs who can finally testify to the vaccines' full effectiveness.

While the pandemic is still extant, we can focus ourselves on hope for the perfect cure for the virus which is the key to reverting back to our normal lives. Having hope in our lives is free and it means that we still have the strength to fight and having the belief that we shall win.

We have been through a lot in 2020 and we cannot afford to have the same this year. Aside from having our hopes, we can strengthen our faith in the divine along with our supplications for a much better year ahead.


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