YESTERDAY, Kevin Durant played like a man possessed. His New Jersey Nets were down 70-54 at halftime. So he started priming his offensive pump, leading this team to a thrilling come-from-behind 122-116 victory, including two crucial baskets in the final minute, one of which was a beautiful, step-back three-pointer.

Durant ended up flirting with a triple double, turning in 34 points, 13 assists and nine rebounds. He better come up with huge numbers like this for now, as his dance partner the mercurial Kyrie Irving can’t seem get his head on straight.

KYRIE. He has missed four consecutive games now and all for personal reasons. The word on the grapevine is that it had something to do with the violence at Capitol Hill.

So? Condemn it all you like and you should, but that’s not an excuse for not coming to work and letting your teammates down.

It seems like Kyrie’s behavior has gotten a bit bizarre over the years. Consider the following instances:

1.He left Lebron James in Cleveland for no clear reason and demanded a trade;

2.He opined that the earth was flat;

3.He led a near-coup at the NBA bubble as one of leading voices against it;

4.He said he didn’t need a head coach and that he or Durant could handle coaching duties;

5.Despite being contractually required to do so, he has refused to speak to the media, calling them mere pawns.

TALENT. As if things were not bad enough, there will be an investigation conducted because a video of him without a mask, attending the birthday celebration of his sister seems to have surfaced.

If true, that constitutes a violation of the NBA’s Covid-19 protocols as players are forbidden to attend gatherings of more than 15 people in addition to being banned from going to clubs, bars and lounges.

The league has suspended three games this week due to positive Covid-19 tests and contract-tracing. Under league rules, if a player misses a game for a Covid-19 violation, he forfeits 1/72nd of his salary.

Kyrie probably doesn’t even care about the money, but it certainly looks like he might miss more games.

If so, what a waste of serious basketball talent.

Kyrie once referred to himself as an artist and he truly is. A dead-shot from any spot on the floor with the best handles in the game today. He also has ice water running through his veins.

A true superstar of the game, a legend in the making.

It’s just too bad his head is not in the game and he lets everything that’s happening around him affect him.

But hey, who am I to say so? I am just a mere pawn. Carry on.

VERBATIM. “I think that calling anybody a pawn is a sure sign of disrespect. -Kevin Love (

LAST ROUNDS. Are on Raquel T. Choa and Christopher Navarro who recently celebrated their birthdays. Cheers!