As the first half of the football season is set to wrap up, the big clubs have taken back their rightful place in the English Premier League.

Well, with the exception of underperformers named Chelsea and Arsenal, of course.

But the biggest turnaround this season goes no less to Manchester United, which just two months ago seemed headed toward the relegation zone.

Languishing at the 15th spot sometime in early November, the Red Devils seemed doomed early on.

But in an amazing turn of events, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side, one difficult game at a time, reversed its fortunes.

And guess what? As we speak, Manchester United is on top of the English Premier League.

If United’s turnaround isn’t incredible, I don’t know what it is.

So how does the Premiership table look right now?

After 17 matches, United has racked up 36 points to edge out Liverpool (33 points) and Manchester City (32 points).

At fourth place, Leicester City is holding the fort among dark horses alongside Everton at fifth, with both clubs having earned 32 points apiece, but Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham (30 points) are snapping at their heels.

Ten points behind the league leaders, Chelsea is languishing at ninth place, behind Southampton (29 points) and Aston Villa, and just ahead of West Ham.

But if the Blues have any consolation, Arsenal (23 points) is in a worse position at 11th.

Still, there’s good news for the Gunners: The worst seems over for the club as it managed to claw its way to mid-table.

A few weeks back, Arsenal, like United, were just a few notches away from the dreaded relegation zone.

But can Arsenal do a United and climb back to the top four, or would it just wait for this miserable season to finally come to an end?