THE mayors of Guagua and Bacolor towns pledged to support and promote the unique Kapampangan woodcraft industry in Pampanga during the opening of the showroom of renowned sculptor Willy Layug in Bacolor town.

Mayor Dante Torres of Guagua and Mayor Diman Datu of Bacolor both promised to continue assisting woodcraft-based industries in Guagua and promote their development through professionalization and government support.

Both towns have strong woodcarving communities.

Bacolor, especially the stretch of the Jose Abad Santos Avenue, has been the showroom of Betis-based wood carvers who have opened shop in the area due to its strategic location. This, in recent years, also saw the emergence of local woodcarvers from Bacolor who learned the trade from their Guagua counterparts.

Datu said he encouraged woodcarvers with business in the area to register with the local government. This is in turn, the mayor said, will also protect consumers and boost consumer confidence in the local industry.

Torres, meanwhile, said that he is now exploring possible areas of cooperation with Bacolor to better strengthen the woodcarving industry and open possible frontiers for business cooperation.

He added that local cooperatives for woodcarvers in Guagua enjoy full government support.