Cervantes: The Warning to happen as soon as communism sweeps world?

Phone Notes

POWERFUL earthquakes have been recorded so far this new year, including the one that killed at least 73 in Indonesia over a week ago. Thousands of earthquakes normally happen yearly in various parts of the world. But I bring this up because there may be a need to prepare for unusual ones, including other disturbances in nature, because these were cited in a recent prophetic message.

I am referring to the message received last January 19 by mystic Gisella Cardia from the Blessed Mother, thus:

“My children, thank you for having responded to my call in your hearts. I am comforted to see you kneeling in prayer. My children, God has allowed Me to come to you to take you by the hand, drawing you closer to prayer.

“Oh! My wandering children who do not find the light – many of them still do not listen to my word, they do not appreciate my help, going as far as to mock these messages for the salvation of humanity.

“Children, you have had time for your choice, and if I look at the hearts of many of my children, I cry with pain and my Son’s heart bleeds.

“Children, now you will see what I never wanted your eyes to see: very strong earthquakes and all sorts of calamities such as tempests, storms, tidal waves and wars, because you did not listen to my words! You are being reduced to slavery, you are persecuted for your faith, yet everything goes on as if it were normal.

“My children, the war that you are witnessing is not one with bombs, but it is rather a fierce inner war. Pray for the Church, which will suffer its destruction before its Rebirth. My children, abandon yourselves to my Jesus and we will always be close to you. Now I leave you with My Maternal blessing in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Those who see the apocalypse in our times are not only found in the Catholic church. Protestants and even Muslims seem to have such pervasive sentiment as if they all belong to one orchestra. Despite this, however, the majority still live as in the time of Noah, their daily and diurnal concerns overpowered by economic, social, and other missions that put God on the back burner.

I am one of those in the league of “last era” believers and while there are many of us in this world, including the late popes from Pius XII to John Paul II, we are an insignificant drop in the ocean of mankind. Still, we all echo the call for conversion to avert the worst. It’s an unpleasant task for me, but I have opted to become a cog in the urgent wheel of appeals from the supernatural.

As frequent readers must have observed, I have been sharing messages from the Garabandal, Spain Marian apparitions (1961-65) despite lack of Church approval of the events there. I do so on the basis of credible reports that Padre Pio and Mother Teresa of Calcutta (even Pope Paul VI) had endorsed Garabandal.

From the revelations there (as in recent apparitions elsewhere), I believe that Garabandal’s prophesied Warning will come is coming amid confirmatory worldwide events.

Garabandal visionary Mari Loli had made some revelations in an interview in the 1980s (It is important to keep in mind the interview was decades ago- Ding). Here are excerpts:

Q: Do you remember what the Most Holy Virgin told you about the communist tribulation that will precede the Warning?

Mari Loli (ML): It will seem that the communists have gained power in the whole world and it will make it very difficult to practice religion, for the priests to say Mass, and for Church doors to be open.

Q: Is this what you mean when you say the Church will disappear?

ML: Yes.

Q: Will it be because of the religious persecutions and not because of the people stopping the practice of their religion?

ML: Yes, but I suppose many people will stop practicing religion. Those who do practice the faith will have to do it secretly.

Q: Will this only occur in Europe, or will it happen in other continents as well?

ML: I don’t know because, at the time, Europe was my whole world. I think that it was like that. The Most Holy Virgin did not specify a place. It seems to me that it will be in all parts.

Q: Today, communism dominates part of the planet. Do you think the situation will be worse than it is now?

ML: This is what I believe, based on the words of the Virgin, but I don’t know the exact reality. It seemed to me that it was in all of the countries of the world, the places which I saw mentally. In many European countries, you can still practice your religion.

Q: Then, the world situation is not yet bad enough for the Warning to happen?

ML: It is not going to happen yet because it is probable that things will get worse.

Q: You said that it would be very difficult for the priests to say Mass. Did the Most Holy Virgin tell you this, or is that something you think yourself because of the prophesized communist tribulation?

ML: According to what I remember, the Virgin told me.

Q: And did the Virgin tell you that it would seem like the Church had disappeared?

ML: Yes.

Q: Did the Most Holy Virgin say that the Holy Father would feel obligated to leave Rome when the Warning happens?

ML: No, but what it appeared to me, although at that moment I might have confused in my head what I saw and what the Holy Mother said because so many years have passed, was that the Pope could not openly remain in Rome, do you understand? They will persecute him too and he will have to hide like all the rest.

Q: You said that when the Warning arrives, the planes will stop in the air and all motor vehicles will stop as well. Did the Holy Mother tell you this?

ML: She said that everything everywhere would stop for a moment and that everyone would think, and we would see ourselves interiorly.

Q: Will there be noises that accompany the Warning, for example, like the wind whistling?

ML: As I recall, it was more like an enormous silence, like a sensation of emptiness. Everything was very silent. This is how I saw it.

ML: Seven years ago you said that the Warning would arrive soon. Many people thought that it would occur by this date. What do you say today?

ML: It is soon. Everything seems soon to me because time passes very quickly.

Q: You are the only person who knows the year of the Warning. Did you tell it to anyone at any point, a priest for example?


Q: Will the world be at war when the Warning arrives?

ML: (No response).

(To be continued)


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