IN FAIRNESS to Arayat Mayor Emmanuel "Bon" Alejandrino, he is merely protecting his constituents from virus infection now that a new strain of it is now in the country. The restriction draw reaction from the lady mayor of Quezon City.

Recently, the first case of the new strain of the corona virus 2019 (Covid-19) in the country was detected in Quezon City. The new variant of the virus, according to health experts, is more deadly and is easily transmitted than the original strain. This first case sounded the alarm for Philippine health authorities who are still managing the still rising number of Covid-19 cases in the country.

Mayor Alejandrino was likewise alarmed of the new strain that he mulled on banning people from Quezon City in entering his town. Who would not be alarmed by the advice of health experts when they said that the virus has mutated into a deadlier and more contagious version?

The ban has invited the attention of Mayor Joy Belmonte of Quezon City and quickly released a statement seeking the local government of Arayat's reconsideration of the proposed restriction of people from Quezon City in going to Arayat town.

The lady mayor has explained, in her statement that the person who had the United Kingdom (UK) variant never set foot in their city but was immediately confined in a quarantine hospital. Further, the close contacts of the subject person were already identified and were likewise held on a quarantine facility.

Mayor Alejandrino has a point for his planned restriction. He is merely protecting his people from the new strain. I know some local chief executives who have this aggressive approach in the global fight against the virus. Such approach is but proper and necessary.

The municipal government of Arayat is strictly enforcing the "no face mask, no face shield, no entry policy" in public and private establishments. At the municipal building, for example, people are not allowed entry if without the mask and the shield.

Mayor Alejandrino's efforts against the virus are laudable and praise worthy. At least, he is doing his job of protecting the health and lives of his people the proper way and not merely for publicity. He is serious indeed when it comes to pandemic issues.

Meanwhile, Mayor Belmonte should understand the municipality of Arayat's restriction plan as it is not intended to discriminate or raise fear or panic in these trying times. She should be aware that we are in an abnormal situation as the number of Covid cases in the country continue to soar high to this day.

The intention is good and there is no wrong in banning people from Quezon City to visiting other places since the said city is one of the virus epicenters in the country.


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