NEGROS Occidental Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson has assured hog raisers in the province that the supply of meat is still enough.

Lacson made the assurance after several hog raising groups and meat producers expressed their concerns over the rising costs of hogs and pork products.

Based on price monitoring released by the Negros Occidental Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO) on January 25, 2021, the price of pork in Bacolod City was averaging at P245, while other localities in the province were averaging between P205 to P213.

The price in Bacolod City was also higher compared to the past when it was only sold at P200 to P220 per kilo.

Because of this, local hog raisers urged the governor to make sure that the supply of hogs in the province would remain stable and to control the number of hogs being exported to Luzon.

Lacson said he is ready to talk with local hog raisers over the matter to make sure that the supply will be enough at all times.

He said it would be impossible for him to stop other hog-raising groups who are exporting their products to Luzon, adding that it is their right.

Based on an earlier statement made by PVO head Dr. Renante Decena, the number of hogs they exported to Luzon reached around 5,000 between December 2020 up to January 2021.