THE Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) is helping electric cooperatives by way of helping in the apprehension of electricity pilferers and thieves of electric power cables.

The said government department has instructed the Philippine National Police and the local government units in the country to help in the fight against electricity pilferages and theft of power cables. Electric power distribution utilities are suffering from these illegal activities perpetrated by some unscrupulous individuals.

The power lines usually end up in junkshops or recycling plants bought by the latter from thieves at a very cheap price. The theft of power lines has become a profitable activity in the country due to the high value of these cables when sold in great quantities.

In addition, the theft of these electricity cables is easy except with the high risk of electrocution. There are these cables almost anywhere where there are residences or establishments. Stealing is easier during power interruptions.

The said DILG order is expected to be of big help to electric cooperatives and private electricity suppliers. Electric cable thieves and electricity jumper users should be aware of these directive for them to stop their illegal activities.

When electric power cables are stolen, they even expose the public from indiscriminate electrocution. There are some instances when people get electrocuted due to cut power lines.

Meanwhile, those who are using jumpers are not probably aware that the electricity pilfered adds us to the power system loss that electricity consumers have to pay. Power consumers pay the price of the rising cost of electricity due to electricity theft.

There are many ways to make jumpers. There are many ways too to detect them. Those who are using these don't have the heart since the public have to shoulder the burden of the electricity they use.

As a suggestion, the DILG should monitor the outcome of the enforcement of its directive to the police and local government units in order to assure the proper and full implementation of such. It should provide a timeline and gather reports of implementation.


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