Cervantes: Mark of the Beast revealed: The microchip

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WITH the Covid-19 pandemic hitting worldwide and its ramifications now dictating on our daily lives, this long-time issue of the Mark of the Beast 666 seems to be getting clearer. Eventually, so said the Bible, the mark would be imposed and needed to buy and sell.

Even before the pandemic came to be, purportedly from China, Heaven has given mystic Luz de Maria de Bonilla messages about the Mark of the Beast. No, it's not the Covid-19 vaccine. Those who have not heard of the messages have been hitting it right all along: the microchip.

The first explicit message on the microchip was in 2015. At that time, the prospects of a chip scenario was unimaginable. With the pandemic with us now, it is easier to comprehend the reality of such a scenario.

Here are some of the messages, along the dates when they were received by Luz de Maria.

As early as November 23, 2015 from Our Lord Jesus Christ: "So with faith in My Word, do not allow yourselves, my faithful, to be introduced to the microchip that will spread through the various countries with urgency. Remember that My manna will descend from My House, because I am faithful to My people, if My people are faithful to Me."

From our Blessed Mother on January 31, 2014: "Darkness advances on Earth mercilessly and this darkness will continue to disturb the minds of men in such a way that man will stop thinking. He will be commanded simply by a microchip that will transform him into an inanimate being, and like a puppet, he will be used by the great and powerful."

Also from the Blessed Mother on July 7, 2017: "The people of my Son remain inert, refusing to recognize the times in which they live, and the enemy of the soul, with his trickery, is taking over humanity every moment. Technological inventions are praised by the vast majority of humanity without due knowledge. This brings man closer to acquiescing without regard to what the technological novelty is. Thus humanity will welcome the use of the microchip with great confidence, this ingenious and miniscule device being the greatest controller that has ever existed.

"Through the microchip, man's own thoughts will be abolished, and the freedom that my Son has given to man will be definitively seized. The microchip is a significant sign before the public appearance of the antichrist.

"Parents: You are dominated by the technology of the demon. Each novelty that you place in the hands of your children is a planned tactic so that your children implement the microchip and become part of the worshippers of the antichrist. Your children will become blank creatures, products of technology created to dominate man."

More messages from the Blessed Mother:

On October 8, 2015: "Beloved ones, very soon they will begin with the obligation and the implementation of the microchip so that each one of you accepts it. They know well that this is the seal of Satan, through which they will not only follow in his footsteps and control your social life, but also your economic aspect, even control your mind, so that even if you want to internally, you will not be able to emit a single word of prayer, you will not even be able to ask My Son for help."

On September 9, 2015: "You have given yourself to place yourself into the hands of evil. How often I have alerted you about the one who would take over humanity and control you! ... You were expecting a man ... But you have him with you all day long. You reveal your intimate data, expose your family. You have given control of your works and acts to those who manipulate power in the name of evil. You have indulged in misused technology. You reveal your own data and every event in life on social media. There is no need to wait for the microchip to be controlled; they already control you and through this means, condition you to accept being sealed with the microchip."

On October 5, 2015: "The people of My Son are facing great threats... The microchip is the demon's claim on man and on the soul of creatures. Some looked at it as distant or as a fantasy, but the imposition of the microchip is a reality that will be established soon.

"Politics is a facade what it hides behind, and the microchip will appear by surprise, surrounding the City of My Son. The world economy will fall, and through it the government of evil will appear in order to dominate humanity."

Now, from St. Michael the Archangel on May 2, 2015: "Satan will attack man where man loses control: the economy will be destabilized, and the general crash will begin on a world scale, and those who are not spiritually strong will give their lives over to evil in exchange for a false economic security given by the microchip; and others will end their lives because of money."

Again, Our Lord Jesus Christ on December 14, 2016: "Do not allow them to seal you. Do not under any circumstances allow them to seal you with the microchip. I will take care of My People, I will take care of My faithful. Just as I feed the birds of the field, so will I take care of My faithful."

In the same year, May 13: "You should not allow the microchip to be implemented into the human body. Have faith that neither My Son nor I will allow the faithful people to march under the delusions of the henchmen of the antichrist who walks freely through Europe, daring to enter even the House of My Son."

Again, the Blessed Mother on May 2, 2016: "I do not hide from them that the famine will be felt throughout the world: rich and poor will suffer hunger, money will not be the means to buy food, clothing, or medicine. In the face of the fallen economy, nothing will be valid for human subsistence until they prepare to place on your body the seal of the beast, the microchip, that the rulers of the nations will demand from their people to deliver them into the hands of the antichrist."

More messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ in 2016:

April 2: "The universal currency will arrive quickly, concurrent with the governments that will implant the microchip in their inhabitants. My children will suffer because of it. You must not forget that the food of the birds I provide, just as the food for My People will come from My Hand."

January 21: "In this technological age in which humanity lives, they have led man to view a chip implanted as normal, but My children must not accept it. It is the sign of the beast through which you will become their slaves."

God bless us all.


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