THE Lavender Fight against Cancer, a town-based cancer support group, turned over powdered milk supplements and multivitamins for 200 cancer patients being supported by the group in simple ceremonies at the Guagua Municipal Hall Thursday, February 4, 2021.

Mayor Dante Torres formally received the donations for the cancer patients of the town.

A year since its founding, the support group has been tasked to mobilize community support for cancer patients by providing them with different support systems to fight the dreaded illness.

Torres said he fully supports the initiative, adding that the Municipal Government is in full support of the needs of cancer patients in Guagua.

He said cancer patients and their families also need moral support to be able to carry on with the fight against cancer.

Guagua is promoting early detection and treatment in a bid to reduce the mortality and increase the survival rate of cancer patients. In the global index, cancer patients in the Philippines have 45 percent of survival from cancer compared to 85 percent in highly developed countries.

"This is why we need a support system that could compensate for areas we lack in terms of early detection and even treatment," Torres said.