THE Visayan Bloc, where most Negros Occidental lawmakers are members of, is not one on the issue about charter change.

Third District Representative Jose Francisco Benitez on Thursday, February 3, 2021, said he is more supportive of certain economic provisions but other members of the bloc are not.

They are much more protectionists given the current conditions. They do not want foreigners to own land and they only want the foreigners to invest in the country, Benitez said of his colleagues in the Visayan Bloc.

"I think the idea is to increase foreign direct investments and there are many ways to increase foreign direct investments, so it's a whole ecosystem approach if it means they can own land. If the logic or the general sentiment of Congress that they should not own land that is also okay, so long as the entire ecosystem can tweet such that the direct foreign investment obstacles can be increased and then the country can be competitive in that regard, then I can be all for it," Benitez said of his personal stand on the issue.

Abang Lingkod Representative Stephen Paduano said he opposes the proposed amendments for foreigners to own land, educational institutions and the mass media.

The House Committee on constitutional amendments passed a resolution that would amend the 1987 Constitution’s economic provisions to open more Philippine sectors to foreign management and control on February 2.