Pangan: Neglecting the frontliners

IS THE government neglecting the frontliners, they who have been sacrificing their time and lives for a year now?

Is this the way to treat modern-day heroes? Reportedly, they are in protest over delayed payment of benefits and even the protective gears.

If I remember right, some countries led by China have given funds to purchase the protective gear and other necessary supplies in the fight against Covid-19. Where are the funds? Have they lined the pockets of some greedy officials?

Rightfully so, the Alliance of Health Workers (AHW) deplored the condition of medical workers in the country.

AHW National President Robert Mendoza issued this statement: Looking back to what happened last year and until now, despite the prompt and sincere response of health workers to save lives and cure victims of the disease, the Department of Health (DOH) and government authorities remain extremely slow, numb and deaf in responding to the needs of health workers and patients.

Indeed, we have the habit of taking for granted those who sincerely help in all our medical necessities.

We often look to the private sector to defray the needs of our health workers even if our recently passed 2021 budget provides or promises to cover all the expenses related to our "battle" against Covid-19.


Why then the complacency to address the needs of our health workers? Do we wait for them to resign en masse and leave their thankless tasks? How ungrateful we will turn to be vis-a-vis the health workers if we continue to ignore their plight!


AHW National officer Bonifacio Carmona, Jr., laments thus: If the DOH and the Duterte administration are really sincere in our well-being, they will not make it difficult for us to get the benefits that are for us. What is happening is that we still have to protest before they will give our hard-earned benefits. So there, the officials of DOH and the Duterte administration officials should take heed. Mahiya naman kayo!


Meanwhile, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno is consistent in his fight against Covid-19. He introduced the free drive-thru RT-PCR (reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction) testing or swab tests which will be of gr


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