Adding a little more beauty and elegance, chef and restaurateur Kate Anzani of the Anzani Restaurant Group shares some tips to elevate special occasions in the comfort of your own home.

Putting one’s health and safety first, the past year has shown us how important it is to value the company of loved ones, whether it be for a celebration for two or a feast for the whole family. By setting a joyful and celebratory mood, Kate is fully aware that although it isn’t the best situation just yet, one is still able to create moments and experiences when you gather your loved ones at the table.

Kate’s five tablescaping tips:

Pick a theme. Look for inspiration when it comes to curating your table and explore many of these which you can try.

Go green and upcycle. Bring out the old and forgotten items that are just sitting in your storage and give them new life by turning them into table decor.

Add festive accents to set the mood. Adding details to your table setting based on the occasion being celebrated or theme adds the right festive touch.

Scatter sugary treats across the table. Use sweet treats as unique accent pieces.

Experiment. Be creative and bring out your imagination as you curate your very own table!