WRITING an article sometimes I find it daunting, tiring to a certain extent, but it is so rewarding because it gives me opportunity to write about interesting people. There are three in my list who should be given more prominence. They are Guillermo Eleazar, Michael Romero and Dennis Uy. No ranking here, only alphabetical.

Eleazar is a gentleman officer in the truest sense of the word. He is a member of Philipine Military Academy Class 1987. He graduated cum laude. Up to this writing, he's already a Lieutenant General and second highest ranking in the Philippine National Police organization. To many, he will become the best PNP chief ever. Guillor as friends and kins call him is from Tagkawayan, Quezon. He is a very nice and kind person, but a rogue cop will have his comeuppance once he will inflict harm on a civilian. Humble and generous. His simple pleasures include a romantic dinner with wife Lally and belting tunes on Videoke.

I met General Eleazar in 2003 when he was still a member of PACER, an anti-kidnapping task force. He was responsible for the rescue of my youngest daughter Pilar who was a victim of a kidnapping incident. There I discovered his skill in managing a difficult situation. And that managerial skill was honed by the various assignments where he was fielded. I can imagine that his office wall cannot accommodate all those awards he reaped over the years as an outstanding officer.

I met him the second time when he was assigned as the regional chief of the Crimes Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) based in Camp Olivas. There I discovered the real Guillermo Eleazar. He is a very loyal, nice, kind, simple and generous.

I am a lot older than Michael Romero. He is the grandson of the late Bonifacio Romero who was the first principal of St. Catherine Academy in Porac. Mr. Romero was a hunk in yesterday's standard. Tall with a handsome face and a resonant voice he immediately commanded attention from his students. The academy is also the first secondary school established in the town in the early fifties. The early graduates of St. Catherine Academy can never forget Tang Bon. He left an indelible mark in my life. I was one of his favorite students. It's no wonder where Michael Romero got his good looks. I want to believe that the Romero's DNA is a mixed of good virtues.

Michael is an accomplished businessman. He is in ports business and a player in the airline industry via acquisition of AirAsia. He is currently the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives and he takes his role so seriously and many believes he is destined to succeed in the political arena. He is a consummate worker and multi-functional.

Dennis Uy is the newest rockstar of Philipine business community. I never imagined that he will reach that pinnacle of success in so short a time. He was an eleven year old when he arrived in the Philippines and can't even speak english, tagalog or the capampangan dialect. He worked with his two older brothers, Allan and Jack in the Johnny's grocery in the Angeles' downtown area owned by his uncle Johnny Uy. He dreamt big and the crowning glory was when his company Converge was publicly listed and the initial public offering hit the roof with a P29 billion mark. Dennis is not stopping in trailblazing. I can predict in future time he will be known as the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs combined of the Philippines.

Note: Congratulations to former Angeles City Mayor Edgardo D. Pamintuan for his new assignment as a reliever to another cabalen former Department of Transportation and Communication Secretary Jose "Ping" De Jesus as chairman of the state owned Clark Development Corporation. Pamintuan is surrounded by former military and police officials who are members of the board. I know he won't find it difficult to jell with these men who are used to taking orders.