THREE-TERM Second District Board Member Anthony Joseph Torres has confirmed his intentions of running for mayor in the 2022 mayoralty race in Guagua, anchoring his platform agenda on local development, industry support and health, as well as education.

Torres, who currently chairs the Committee on Education and Trade and Industry, as well as Cooperative Development in the Provincial Board, vowed to bring the experiences he had learned from these committees in pushing for development and programs for various sectors of the town.

He said Guagua has untapped opportunities and sectors needing further development to realize full potential.

Torres said that considerable support will be given to the town's agriculture and commercial industry sector.

Torres is set to focus on agriculture with plans for post-harvest facilities and capacitating farmers to gain access to credit and other government support like technology and machineries to ensure better yield of agricultural produce.

He has been working the project of setting a cooperative gas station for local jeepney drivers and tricycle operators.

Torres, who is supported by Governor Dennis Pineda in his mayoralty bid, will be under the banner of the local Kambilan Party.