SINE Abreño continues to feature indigenous communities in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) online in support of the celebration of National Arts Month this February promoted by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA).

Award-winning independent filmmaker from Abra and Sine Abreño founder Dexter Macaraeg said from the recent presentation of the TINGGUIAN 101 that featured Dr. Paulina D. Sawadan, Dr. Joey M. Dela Cruz, Dr. Maria Teresa B. Beñas, AuresOindy Valera, andCassereneBagioan, he is also set to feature an Ibaloi artist in Sine Abreño Interviews.

Macaraeg said Melinda OcanTayab Castro, an Ibaloi artist and entrepreneur from Loakan, Baguio City will share her story as an Ibaloi struggling to survive in Quezon City amid the Covid-19 pandemic and being away with her only son, Celes and her 80-year old mother.

Furthermore, she will talk about the Ibaloi history, culture and tradition, including the beautiful attire of the tribe.

"I think that being a Cordilleran, we must root ourselves locally and think globally so that we will not be left behind by the rapid pace of technological advancement. And as for the Ibalois to continue knowing what their ancestors left but to build friendship with other tribes and to have an exchange of exquisite values," Macaraeg stressed.

The event to be shown on Facebook is also in support to the celebration of Ibaloi Day in Baguio City which is on February 23.

"I also want to point out on the preservation of the Ibaloi culture and traditions," the film director from Abra said.

The annual celebration of Ibaloi Day in Baguiowas made possible through the ordinance authored by Councilor IsabeloCosalan Jr. recognizing that the original and indigenous inhabitants of Baguio City is the Ibaloi Tribe.

In the city's Resolution 395, series of 1995, Ordinance 9, series of 2013 it stated thatevery February 23 is Ibaloi Day in the City of Baguio.

May we continue to recognize the early settlers in our own community.

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