THE man who was found dead floating approximately 7 nautical miles off the coast of Bacolod City in the waters of the Guimaras Strait last week was already identified by his family, the Bacolod City Police Station 9 official said Sunday, February 28, 2021.

Police Major Ritchie Gohee, chief of Police Station 9, said the man was identified by his family as Christian Ducay, 26, an apprentice of MV Erson Menard, and resident of Tabak Bantayan, Cebu.

He said Ducay was identified by his mother, who traveled from Cebu to Bacolod City, Friday afternoon. Ducay’s family was informed that there was an unidentified man found by two fishermen in the waters of Bacolod City.

Ducay’s mother told the police that his son went missing on February 23 after he allegedly jumped off a ship along the shoreline of Siquihor and Apo Island.

Gohee said the family of the victim believed that there was foul play on the incident because before he was reported missing, his son told them that if something would happen to him, four persons, whom he named to his family, would be responsible for it.

He said the family of the victim already requested an autopsy and the remains will be brought to Tabak Bantayan.