Welcoming new opportunities with AIA Philam Life

PAMPANGA. Renel Simeon as a food server, concierge and bartender at a five-star hotel in Macau from 2007 to 2013. (Contributed photo)
PAMPANGA. Renel Simeon as a food server, concierge and bartender at a five-star hotel in Macau from 2007 to 2013. (Contributed photo)

CLARK FREEPORT -- Renel Simeon is one of millions of overseas Filipino workers who sought greener pastures abroad to support his family back home.

He served in the hotel industry in Macau where he worked as a food server, bartender, sales and marketing staff, and concierge.

However, it wasn’t all it was cut out to be.

He expected a much more comfortable life than what his OFW life has provided him.

“Akala nila pag OFW yayaman pero hindi pala. Ang sweldo ko noon sakto lang para sa padala at bayarin. I had no financial freedom,” shares Renel.

In addition to modest pay, his being abroad meant he could only see his family for one week in a year.

It was during his sixth year abroad when Renel realized the disadvantages of being away from his family. It severely outweighed his career and financial opportunities in Macau.

When he arrived in the Philippines, he had no time to waste -- he first began as a call center agent with a salary barely enough to provide for his family, so he decided to put up his own carinderia.

However, after some time he realized it took up too much of his time and effort, but yielded less income than what he was making abroad.

It was when he realized this path was not for him, that it was not bringing him closer to what he wanted to achieve, so he turned to faith to show him the answer.

Then, Renel saw posters about AIA Philam Life’s Business Opportunity Program that he decided to try out his luck in insurance.

He met with his current agency manager, Belmar Guilanda, who persuaded him to take a chance on this new path.

Proper Case for Agency Manager designation

The first few months of being a licensed financial advisor was not easy.

He was often rejected by prospective clients and was left wondering what he was doing wrong.

He turned to his managers and mentors for advice: "They asked me, 'Why don't you ask yourself bakit ka narereject?’”

Renel realized he had not truly understood the benefits of the products he was selling.

He did not feel confident selling insurance nor did he feel 100 percent into his new career. He was forced to reflect on the situation from a different perspective: How would his clients benefit from what he was selling?

He thought about his own father and his medical expenses: he and his family had gone into debt due to medical bills which weren’t covered by SSS/PhilHealth.

It was an unfortunate situation and a mistake on his part not to accept a previous opportunity to buy insurance from an agent, and he didn’t want his clients to experience the same thing.

When asked for advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs, Renel says, “Find your purpose. When you find a deeper purpose from just earning your keep, when you go beyond yourself and sincerely help others, everything else will follow.

"Ito yung ayaw kong mangyari sa iba. That’s how I found more purpose as a financial advisor in AIA Philam Life,” Renel shared.

Now, Renel is associate agency manager managing his own team of 26 financial advisors. He has grown professionally by leaps and bounds, meeting and working with a variety of inspiring people who have further cultivated his career.

Welcome to new opportunities

AIA Philam Life welcomes aspiring insurance entrepreneurs to be part of their purpose-driven business that will give them the power to change their lives and the lives of others.

With AIA Philam Life’s solid business franchise model, future insurance entrepreneurs can leverage on the company’s strong Brand, world-class training and state-of-the-art digital platforms that allow them to provide seamless service to their clients so they can live healthier, longer, and better lives.

Know more about becoming an AIA Philam Life insurance entrepreneur by logging on to https://www.philamlife.com/en/financialadvisor/index.html and joining the Business Opportunity Program.


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