Butuanon River eco-fence, viewing deck completed

Butuanon River eco-fence, viewing deck completed

THE Mandaue City is already one step closer to achieving the City’s Green Corridor master plan along the Butuanon River, after completing the second phase of the two projects constructed along the river.

Mandaue City Mayor Jonas Cortes led the ceremonial turnover of the second phase of the Butuanon River Viewing Deck in Brgy. Ibabao-Estancia and the second phase of the Butuanon River Eco-Fence

on Friday, March 26, 2021.

Cortes said now that they have officially turned over the projects, he wants the people to be empowered in getting involved in maintaining the projects.

The viewing deck is a trail park covered with trees overlooking the Butuanon River. This area could be a nice spot to stroll in.

However, the viewing deck in Brgy. Ibabao-Estancia is just the pilot area of the City’s Green Corridor.

Cortes said they have opened the viewing deck to the public. He urged the Brgy. Ibabao-Estancia officials to augment the barangay tanods to guard the viewing deck.

Once the face-to-face classes resume, Cortes said the barangays and the schools should have civic participation by visiting the Butuanon River Viewing Deck and they may also conduct a clean-up drive.

Mandaue City Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) president Steven Yu turned over the second phase of the Eco-Fence to Cortes and Brgy. Umapad officials.

The purpose of this project is to protect and preserve the Butuanon River. This is also part of the rehabilitation program of the river.

Cortes said this Eco-fence is a public-private partnership project, financed by the member companies of the MCCI.

Cortes said these projects are just a portion of the City’s Green Corridor master plan in achieving the city’s dream of becoming a green city.

He said the city plans to extend the Eco-fence from the outfall of the river going up to the mountain barangays.

This project was constructed to protect the Butuanon River from the informal settlers who build shanties inside the three-meter easement of the river.

Bamboos were also planted beside the Eco-fence.

In his speech, Yu said their organization is looking forward to doing more things with the city particularly in environmental sustainability.

Brgy. Umapad chieftain Nelson Rubio Sr. also promised in his speech that his constituents will cooperate in maintaining the rehabilitation projects for the Butuanon river.

He said they will augment security guards to ensure that there will be no informal settlers building shanties along the three-meter easement of the river.

The next project that the city will soon install for the rehabilitation of the river is an eco-trap, a screen to be installed at the river to filter the solid and water waste.

Cortes said they will require the companies along the Butuanon River to install an eco-trap and to conduct a regular river clean-up.

This eco-trap will help the city monitor which company or sitio in the barangay is actively participating in rehabilitating the river. (KFD)


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