CELEBRATING International Women’s Month, several artists from all walks of life were featured in the Kababayen-an Exhibit through their works, and sharing their thoughts about art as well as working in the local industry.

In partnership with Friday Group Sessionista, the exhibit is located at Ayala Center Cebu.

Betsy Alterado showcases her acrylic painting entitled “Nurturing,” which has become an avenue for her to express her thoughts and feelings. Mai Rivera Secuban entered the art industry at a young age and expressed her honor to be one of the women artists who are “visible, ready to express, explore and inspire” others.

Inspired by Secuban to try painting, Ana Lona Abadies was already into other arts and crafts before she started lifting the paintbrush. Another is Rhodesa Cruzet, who works as a medical physicist and does painting on the side. Ann Lubanga is another artist behind the painting “Psychedelia,” and shares that women artists have been warmly welcomed into the art industry.

Despite the disparity between men and women in art exhibits and fairs, artist Queen Wei also shares that women artists are being received into the art scene with open arms. For Tina Marie Gandionco, she says it’s good to be around mentors and artists who share the same passion for art, so they can have an impact in the art world by doing what they love.

Featuring works by these seven women as well as other Cebuano artists, The Kababayen-an Exhibit runs until March 31.