AFTER a short respite to attend to a little medical condition, here I write again. No, I was not tested positive nor had undergone quarantine. It was a minor sickness of sorts.

Speaking of those getting positive for the Covid-19 virus, there was this recent surge in the number of cases of those infected. A couple of days ago, we had the record high number in a day. Hospitals in Metro Manila and even in adjacent provinces are now congested with patients tested positive.

The National Government was alarmed with the surge. We cannot afford to have a deja vu like that of last year where many human activities were put to a halt. We cannot have the same situation where the economy was paralyzed.

One of the most probable reasons I think of the surge is complacency of the public. Many are of the impression that since there is now the vaccine in the country, we can be superhumans against the virus. The irony is that there are many individuals who are much adamant to be inoculated due to the reported side effects.

Some side effects attributed to the vaccines include vomiting, fever, dizziness, fainting and others. There is this medical worker in a Metro Manila hospital who met her demise after taking the anti-virus shot. It’s not clear though whether she died because of the vaccine or not. Another life lost anyway.

Then there is this quarantine fatigue where many are dead tired of staying inside their homes and missing the outdoors and public places. Boredom results into stress and anxiety. Many are desperate to live normal lives outside their residences.

One reason perhaps of the surge is the little relaxing of checkpoints where quarantine personnel became scarce. Even them get tired of manning these blockades that discourage people from travelling here, there and everywhere.

Then there is the need to earn for families. Many Filipinos rely on the streets or outdoor places to eke out a living. They need to be outside to earn, selling products of services where there is a market or to places where there are many people who can be their prospective customers.

There are many factors that caused the surge. These however develop amnesia in us that we tend to forget that the virus is still there and there is none yet the total solution to our global problem that is the pandemic.


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