Bazi is a destiny reading discipline utilizing your birth date and birth time. Decoding one’s BaZi can lead to clarity in making a decision, understanding yourself better and having a clearer picture of what lies ahead.

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  • Yang Wood Day Master

You will be inspired to pursue workshops or training on a subject matter that is not within your realm of the typical. This could be anything ranging from cooking lessons, or basic photography, or even learning to dance the salsa. You’ll be drawn to conceptual information that would help you learn new practical skills or develop artistic talents, helping you to advance further ahead in life.

Yin Wood Day Master

If you are looking to do something productive, why not step out of the box and go back to school instead? Your capacity for absorbing new, knowledge-enhancing information will be at all-time highs this month. So go and crack the books to give yourself a loftier advantage over your colleagues and peers. You’ll do yourself a favor as you might be due for a promotion in the future.

Yang Fire Day Master

Have you been planning something, perhaps related to your career, business or social life, and have been holding it off for now as you wait for the right time? Well, whatever it is that you’re planning, April would be a great time for it as opportunity hovers around you this month. A caveat though, you will be prone to stress this month, too, so go through all the pros and cons of your plans thoroughly before deciding.

Yin Fire Day Master

April is going to be an encouraging month that will see you being promoted up the ladder to take on more responsibilities or be given a higher role. You’ve worked so hard for this in the past, even during a ravaging time last year when the pandemic was raging against the world, so go revel in your progression. On the flip side of it, there’s also a chance you might run into problems with authorities, especially with legal issues.

Yang Earth Day Master

Things are going to be favorable for you financially as you might be receiving a sudden windfall, most likely coming from unexpected inheritance, forgotten commissions or high trading profits. It’s highly advisable that you take the bulk of this windfall to the bank and put it in your savings account immediately, so you’ll always have some emergency funds on hand in these unpredictable times.

Yin Earth Day Master

Look forward to receiving a salary increase, or bonus, or perhaps a new job offer with a lovely salary and benefits package to boot. If you’re an entrepreneur, you could see a sudden rise in new customers or good feedback from clients that can boost your business even more. Go ahead and enjoy the fruits of your labor with a little luxury spree, but it’s best if you put most of your extra cash into your savings account or invest it in money market funds.

Yang Metal Day Master

You are going to feel your most eloquent self this April. You will be closely drawn into engaging with artistic pursuits that you might not otherwise be interested in on a regular day. It’s best that you heed the call and indulge in aesthetic activities that can help you not just develop new talents, but also help you interact with like-minded people who could lead you to bigger things.

Yin Metal Day Master

There will be remarkable opportunities for you to captivate audiences, whether it’s a large crowd or a small team at work. You will be convincing and highly in demand this April, and it’s going to be no wonder you have good chances of earning extra this month. Be advised though that this month could also see you becoming too combative as you try to hold tight to your own ideas.

Yang Water Day Master

There is no better time to socialize and just bring good vibes all around. Get acquainted with new people or reconnect with old friends this month to help you boost your spirits especially after having been in lockdown for more than a year already. As long as you practice standard safety and social distancing protocols, you may invite colleagues and friends to do something fun or to just merely catch up as you never know they could use some good company too.

Yin Water Day Master

You are going to feel a lot more convivial than you most usually are, so go make the most out of that. Schedule meet-ups with potential clients. Drop by your manager’s office and discuss your ideas on how the company could propel forward. Reach out to existing customers and ask for their suggestions on how to improve operations. By engaging in these types of connections this month, you’ll have a chance to present yourself as someone who’s truly invested in working relationships.