PROMOTING Mindanao’s culture and arts through fashion creates big and visible impacts.

This is the goal of the recently launched fashion exhibit dubbed as “Colors, Culture, Compassion” - to uplift the lives of Mindanao artisans by promoting their unique and intricate culture.

Kaayo Modern Mindanao founder Mary Ann “Baby” Montemayor said the exhibit is a tribute to Mindanao tribes. Kaayo Modern Mindanao, founded with her daughter Margarita Norgrales, is a clothing line showcasing Mindanao culture.

“More than the opportunity to reach out to more people and introduce the best of artisanship in Mindanao, it is more of a tribute to our tribes who have provided us with the abundance of culture and colors out of their imaginative skills,” she said.

Kaayo has since been working with the indigenous tribes of Mindanao in their unique fusion of traditional and contemporary designs. These include the T’boli tribe of South Cotabato, B’laan, Tagkaolo, and Bagobo Tagabawa tribes of Davao del Sur, Mandaya tribe of Davao Oriental, and the Ata Manobo tribe of Davao del Norte.

The exhibit features a variety of pieces from traditional tops and skirts to modern-day dresses and accents, the exhibit expresses a well-curated display of designs that speaks Mindanao at first glance.

The exhibit set up in Dusit Thani Residence Davao and Dusit Thani Plantation Resort will run until the end of April this year. Guests may check and purchase these items from the exhibit.