HOW can we even be side by side with our Asian brothers in development when we take one step forward and a step backward?

In the government’s Covid-19 immunization program, when we just had an increase in confidence for the vaccine, we took a step backward with the news that there are those who are reportedly selling fake vaccines. At the onset, it was said that the Sinovac vaccine cannot be used to inoculate health workers and senior citizens. It is now recommended to immunize the elderly.

The AstraZeneca vaccine has been pulled out in some countries due to blood clot issues and yet we continue to use it on our citizens. Well, the above-mentioned vaccines are the only ones available in our country. “Kapit sa patalim ‘ika nga.”

In our government’s efforts to address the illegal drugs problem in the country, we fell back when some drug enforcers themselves allegedly recycled confiscated contraband. There was even the controversial shooting of a PDEA asset or shall we say police asset.

When we were just regaining our trust in our justice system, with the trashing of Trillanes’ subversion case and the acquittal of Sen. Leila de Lima on one of three drug charges, the Senate investigates alleged extrajudicial killings with the death of mayors and nine activists.

With the installation of PhilHealth, senior citizens got free health insurance coverage. A number of senior officials allegedly got involved in anomalous transactions with private hospitals and nephrological centers amounting to billions of pesos. Will our gray-haired men and women continue to be covered in the years to come?

Could we have a more transparent foreign policy against the communist country vis-à-vis China’s encroachment on Philippine seas? Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was never good at playing golf but with every swing involving foreign policies, she did with determination and conviction.

Medical experts give conflicting assessments on whether it is safe or not for humans to take Ivermectin as a preventive medicine against Covid-19. Ivermectin is an anti-parasitical medicine recommended for animals. One congressman intends to give it for free to his constituents despite the fact that the drug is not registered with the Food and Drug Administration.

Filipinos are tired of dancing the cha-cha. With the remaining months under Duterte’s leadership, Juan de la Cruz hopes to see government and citizens dance the tango in synchronized steps.