‘Good things’ during this pandemic

‘Good things’ during this pandemic

More than a year into the pandemic, we sometimes cannot imagine ourselves how we have managed to reach this part of this seemingly endless nightmare. At times, we consider ourselves lucky to have kept ourselves breathing (almost barely with the mandatory face masks we are always asked to religiously wear especially when we go out of our homes) even as many continue to get sick and are still on their way to recovery from this menace we call Covid-19.

We may find our lives miserable having to deal with anxiety and gloom. But this moment in history probably also gave some people something to be happy about as we all try to lift our spirits and psyche ourselves that better days are still ahead.

Today, SunStar asks some of its readers what is one good thing that they got this pandemic.

“It’s more than a year since the pandemic and to be honest life isn’t as easy. Whether you are an employee, an influencer, an artist, an entrepreneur, a parent, a child, you are not saved from the effects of the pandemic. But the good thing happened to me is that I’ve been busy with shoots, business and vlogs. I also spent more time with my loved ones. But there are times that I stop and reflect on what is currently happening in this world and try to cope with the situation with my best efforts.”

- Dan Lopez, 28, actor

“I do not intend to foster toxic positivity but if there’s something I could appreciate during this pandemic, it would be the fact that I awakened with a greater level of political and social awareness. Aside from that, I was able to reassess my life through a series of reflections and now, I am able to appreciate the things I usually have taken for granted in the past, such as health, family time, self-care and a lot more.”

- Jan Dale Carlo Catalonia, 20, accountancy student

“The pandemic has given me more time to appreciate my family and friends. It also helped me realize the importance of celebrating small achievements through these dark times. It hasn’t been easy but I guess all we can do for now is to stay strong and help each other.”

- Cleo Marie Abellana, 25, sales officer

“I guess the good thing that I got from the pandemic is learning how to be strong mentally. The quarantine period was something that was really unhealthy not just for our body physically, but for our mind and emotionally. It was something that drained almost all of us in many ways. I have considered having that as a good thing because it is something that we all have gone through.”

- Pia Mae Plenos, 21, interior design student

“It gave me time to discover things about myself and meet new friends because last year in between the month of June, I began to be interested in cycling. At first, it was just some sort of exercise and hobby, but then I met my new friends who are also interested in cycling and we began to join competitions in the beginning of 2021. Plus, I was able to spend more time with my family, which I haven’t done for quite a long time because of my studies.”

- John Resca Villegas, 20, student-athlete


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