A SEQUEL to the sage of Rendell Senining, the man with the un-golden hands, who played a key role in a game deemed a “basketbust.”

“We didn’t handle the situation right,” Senining said. “We handled it poorly.”

Of course.

Senining had the gall to tell that to Mikee Reyes, the former UP Maroon standout, as reported by the Inquirer’s Denison Rey A. Dalupang on Saturday, April 17, 2021.

In his YouTube channel, Reyes got a mouthful of baloney when he interviewed Senining about the recent LapuLapu-Siquijor fiasco that almost knocked the Pilipinas VisMin Super Cup out for good.

But why the “un-golden hands” moniker for Senining?

Well, Senining, a right hander, missed two free throws using both hands, first with his left. Alas, he’d still flub the shots even if he had used his right hand twice.

That’s because Senining seemed bent to flout the game. When caught, he was unremorseful. Even blamed the other side for his sin.

Instead of saying, “I’m sorry,” he told Reyes, “I love the game.”


Senining said, “When we realized what they (Siquijor Mystics) were doing, we decided to do the same to them.”

“The same” means Senining and his fellow Heroes deliberately missing shots the way their foes were doing, accounting for a ludicrously bizarre 27-13 LapuLapu halftime lead before officials stopped the circus. This, after Siquijor “won” the second quarter, 8-4.

“My teammates and I were offended by Siquijor’s actions and they really love the game,” Senining said.

Are you kidding me?

You love the game and yet you bastardize it by deliberately shooting the board, the rim and, yes, the air, too?

“It was never our intention to mock the game,” Senining said. “...never our intention to fix the game or whatever.”

That didn’t wash. Officials gave the boot to players and coaches seen involved in the charade.

Just right.

A deeper probe by the Games and Amusements Board is underway.

Now when Senining’s finally at the witness stand, how would we judge him?

To me, it depends.

If, in his first deposition, he sings first voice and comes up off-key, I’d block his attempt to do the second voice in his next turn at bat.

Why? That’d be like allowing him to sing out-of-tune twice.

I love logic.