FROM composing the hymn for his alma mater Lipit Elementary School and Lipit National High School, a Don Carlos Palanca Awardee from Pangasinan and former professor in Baguio City has written another song and this time it’s for his beloved province.

Dr. Clarito De Francia, who is now based in Santa Maria, California, said he is so much blessed with all the blessings he is receiving in life and would like to continue giving back to where he came from.

For the celebration of Pangasinan Day on April 5, 2021, he presented his song composition dubbed "Kayamanay Pangasinan" (Riches of Pangasinan) as his gift to his province.

The song expresses the rich natural resources, like the Hundred Islands, Central Plain and beaches, of the province. Furthermore, the song promotes the different cultures and traditions and characters of the Pangasinense, specifically, hard work, loyalty, love, friendship, faith, and others.

He said the song is a product of the vast personal experiences from his childhood, teenager social and educational experiences in his youth before pursuing his tertiary education in Baguio City where he lived for 35 years.

“Giving back is the reason why I wrote this song. My experiences, learning, faith in the past and now, are just like mirrors echoing at my back to repay the goodness of life and the Almighty” De Francia stressed.

De Francia is also a music producer, writer of Ilocano short stories, essays and poems and given recognition by Baguio City Council, awarded as Outstanding Citizen of Baguio City in 2005, back to back Don Carlos Palanca Awardee, winner of 24 various Ilocano writing contests, and acknowledged by former President Barack Obama for his poem: "Loyalty to Our Country and Humanity."

De Francia hails from Manaoag, Pangasinan and resides in Santa Maria, California, managing his real estate business with his wife, Rosemarie.

Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you give back to the community where you came from.

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