Cervantes: Jesus Christ: 'You will not need your body for very long…'

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IF THERE’S a really credible website on modern-day prophecies that I would recommend, it’s It’s very Christian and is reputed to have finetooth-combed its selection of Catholic mystics, mostly still living in our times, whose reputation could qualify them for sainthood. The website also features a few who are already saints, blessed, or servants of God.

From such website, I am sharing the following significant caveat from our Lord Jesus Christ through mystic Gisella Cardia on April 17, 2021:

“Beloved brothers and sisters, here I am with you who have asked for my intervention. Brothers and sisters, I ask you to pray and to raise up your prayers so that the time might be shortened even more. I am ready, and soon a Storm will befall humanity; it will be so strong that the world will have known nothing like it. I pray to my Father that the remaining ounce of mercy might be used on these confused children (i.e. people).

“My brothers and sisters, everything will suddenly change; you will struggle to distinguish good from bad influences if you are not prepared. The world will change as you have never seen before. Whoever is with Me should shout out My Name with authority in order to crush everything coming from evil.

“I never wanted all this, but you have played with God without realizing what you would be facing. Your wicked choices and decisions weigh on Me like a rock, and now I ask you to stop all this suffering! My Most Holy Mother has been accompanying you for years to bring you to the path that comes from God, but humanity is concerned with enjoying all the benefits of the world [while] trampling on your brothers and sisters, on children, and everything found on its path, instead of having humility and wisdom.

“And now, why are you still surprised at what is happening? Do you not know that even the smallest of sins can weigh (heavily)? You have chosen riches instead of being content with small things; science has been given to you and many have used it to kill — yes, you have used science but not your conscience.

“The graces and intellect that have been entrusted to you have been used for money, and yet now you are wondering why you find yourselves in dictatorship and in suffering? Pray, pray, pray and be faithful to the laws and commandments of Heaven if you want to be saved and not lose your lives. Now I bless you in the Name of the Father, in My Name and in that of the Holy Spirit Amen.” (End of quote.)

I have always tried to reconcile fearful prophecies and appeals from Heaven not to fear. This, by pointing out that in the supernatural messages parallel to prophecies of tribulations, are reminders, nay, categorical declarations that we were all made for life everlasting, that nothing on earth can level up to our destiny in eternity, that the pains of earth are worth the price for blissful everlasting life. Such conviction should wall us in faith, face even martyrdom for the victory of the indestructible soul.

And so let introduce mystic Anne the Lay Apostle, who is real life is Kathryn Ann Clarke.

In September 2001, Clarke visited the town of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina where the Blessed Mother has been appearing since 1981. Since then, she has been receiving messages from both Jesus and the Blessed Mother. These messages were later compiled in 10 volumes titled Direction for Our Times, with prefaces written by her bishop and the most respected authorities on Marian apparitions.

I am sharing the following excerpts from Jesus’ message to Anne because they also talk about us being destined for Heaven, among other related things.

Here is the message conveyed on May 3, 2004:

“My children experience many fears with regard to their worldly existence and their physical safety. Children, at this time I would like to remind you that your body is only the temporary dwelling place of your soul. Your soul is the eternal part of you. You will not need your body for very long in comparison to how long you will exist without it. Concentrate and prepare your soul.

“If you were preparing to travel to a foreign land, you would prepare in many ways. You would learn some of the language, assuming that upon your arrival and after having spent time there you would perfect your grasp of that manner of speech. You would have some arrangements made for the currency used in that land if it were different from what was used in your land. You would familiarize yourself with the habits and culture of the people who lived in that land so that it would not seem strange to you and you would know at least something of what to expect. My little souls of this troubled world, this is what I am asking you to do now. When you begin to feel fear, you must think of heaven. Tell yourself that instead of feeling frightened, you will consider what condition your soul must be in to make the transition from earth to heaven.

“First, you will need some of the language. How do we speak in heaven? We speak of love and joy. We speak of learning, of sacrifices made on earth, of the divine interconnection between the different and varied aspects of the universes. Look up to the heavens and admire My stars. Did you know that each has a purpose in its position and life span? Would you like to understand why that is the case? I won’t tell you now. You will learn later. You will look at a stream in heaven and you will learn thousands of things about that stream and what is in that stream. You will learn of its origin, its destination, and everything that occurs in between. Have you ever loved and admired a river? A lake? An ocean? Would you like to experience it in a complete way?

“Children, this is not even the very tip of heaven. This is the very tip of the very tip of heaven and I am not finished. I am going to tell you about heaven more than I have in the past because I want you to understand that you are coming to a vast area of love and joy and wonder.

“There is no fear here. Offer Me your fear. Cultivate your virtues. Talk of holy souls who have gone before you, including the saints whose stories you have heard or studied. In this way you will be not only prepared for the transition, you will eagerly await the transition. You will pray, ‘Lord, I am ready. Take Me whenever it is My time.’ You will not cling to this life as a drowning man clings to a sinking boat. You will strike out in confidence for heaven in your soul and I will come and take you the rest of the way. You need not worry that you are not perfect. You need only be heading for heaven. I will finish whatever is necessary so that you are comfortable here.”


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