AT THIS period, the national government is distributing vaccines all around the country. There is a casualty reported after she was inoculated though it is not actually clear whether it is a side effect of the vaccine or otherwise.

Local governments are all efforts, meanwhile, in vaccinating its health workers and other personnel depending on the availability of its provisions of the Sinovac and Astra vaccines provided so far. The roll-out of vaccines though slow-paced as critics would say, is somehow leading us to a solution to the world-wide health menace.

I am quite hopeful that after the significant number of the world's population had been vaccinated, the Covid-19 virus infection would later become an ordinary flu that can be easily treated. But that is yet to be achieved so far.

This is the time that this generation and several previous generations had experienced this pandemic. It’s quite deadly that a number of the populace have left this world. Families are in great grief but we cannot solve the loss by grieving.

The economies of almost all countries are hurting, save for the pharmaceuticals and manufacturers of products needed to adhere to the health protocols imposed by authorities. Business experts and economists are helpless on the situation.

The vaccines arriving in the country have brought hope to Filipinos. The jabs made are making good so far although the inoculated do still need to practice various health protocols. Strict observance of such is much more necessary for those who have to be jabbed yet.


We would not wonder why some mayors in the province are getting infected of the virus. They themselves are frontliners who have to hit big to save their constituents from the infection. They meet people everywhere, now and then. They too are human who are susceptible like others.

Some policemen and those in the uniformed service who are manning checkpoints have been likewise got "positive" for the virus since they engage in face-to-face encounters with people. They too deserve the praise as frontliners.

Medical frontliners meanwhile are those who are at high risk situation since they engage with patients who are infected or not. They stay in hospitals where people with health problems are present. They deserve perhaps the highest honor for their sacrfice and bravery to the situation.


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