HE ACHIEVED his childhood dream because he asked and worked hard for it.

April 21, 2021 is one of the best days of Cadet 1st Class Kenneth Van Alegasin Encabo, as he was honored as the number four in the Hinirang Class of 2021 of the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA).

“It has been my childhood dream. My father influenced me a lot in pursuing this dream,” the 28-year-old Dabawenyo shared.

Encabo is the eldest in a brood of four.

“My father has been in the security sector industry for decades already as a manager and now owner of security agencies in Mindanao. He has also taught several times at the Regional Training School of PNP in Davao City which really opened my eyes and my desire to the law enforcement profession,” he added.

Being a campus journalist and a debater inside the academy, Encabo has earned the Journalism Kampilan Award.

Surviving the academy for more than four years is not an easy job, let alone graduating with flying colors.

“Every day is a struggle but also an opportunity to learn. It is already difficult to adjust to the regimented way of living and scheduled activities at all times, much more so balancing your academics and tactics compliance with a tired body and sleepy mind. But endurance and dedication were the keys to survive,” the top cadet shared.

For Encabo, being away from the family and loved ones is already a sacrifice, but not having the freedom to connect with the outside world at all times is even more challenging.

“It is prohibited to use gadgets and technological engagement were limited as part of training. We can’t communicate with our families, friends, or loved ones most of the time and we have to strictly obey the rules and regulations of the academy,” he said adding these restrictions have helped them grow into becoming more disciplined and focused.

He emphasized that being inside the academy will test one’s physical, mental, and emotional capacity.

“None of these will be possible if I gave up easily and if I never kept my faith with God,” he said.

He also acknowledged the unending support his family has given throughout his journey.

“My family has been very supportive in my aspirations in life and guided me in both words and deeds. They were very instrumental to my success,” he said.

Encabo said that PNPA has taught them to lead by example and stay true to their call of duty -- to serve first the nation.

“To succeed in PNPA, you have to live one day at a time, always pray and dedicate everything to God, and never forget your source of motivation. Develop good habits and systems and do not just set goals. All goals can be achieved by taking a step closer to it. Good foundations will yield good results,” he added.

Encabo chose to serve at the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Moving forward, Encabo plans to proceed for a master’s degree and take up law.

The 47th commencement ceremony of the PNPA was held on April 21 via Zoom.