LOOKING for genuine skincare products that suit your skin’s needs?

Angel Yap, who used to have dark skin tone, and her sister, who was also suffering from acne due to hormonal imbalance, came up with solutions by setting up a brand to fulfill all kinds of skincare needs.

Aptly called Fairy Doll, Angel thought of making her own skincare products that she and her family members have personally tested and proven.

“I started trying out whitening soaps from the manufacturer when I was 20, a year before Fairy Doll was established. A lot of thought and science were put into perfecting the formula of our products. We are dealing with skin so it’s a very delicate process. In the end, the finest ingredients produced a well-balanced whitening soap that not only whitens skin but also leaves you with a healthy glow,” the young brand owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) said.

When she was confident enough that her whitening soap can indeed deliver its promise of providing fairer and clearer complexion, she began to expand to other skincare products, such as cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sun block, facial mask and even underarm whitening products.

Going international with new ventures and success

Fairy Doll’s locally made products are known to whiten skin and provide healthier glow but the demand for skincare products that cater to individuals who love their natural skin color made Angel decide to import directly from a manufacturing company in South Korea.

She joined a skincare exhibit in Thailand and met a manufacturer from South Korea who had a booth during the exhibit, which could meet her idea of skincare products that do not whiten skin but only give smooth and clear complexion. These products were an addition to her original whitening products, this time catering to individuals who love to retain their natural skin color but want to take extra care of it.

“This recent development for Fairy Doll, we can say we are the only skincare brand in Davao, if not in Mindanao, to offer genuine skincare products direct from Korea, and we also differ from other skincare brands because our products are made from our own formula, which I personally tested and proven,” Angel said.

She added that what makes Fairy Doll differ from other skin care brands in the market is their commitment to bring products that answer everyone’s skincare needs.

“We don’t make products according to the trend or what’s ‘in’ during the season. Our products really answer the needs of every skin type. We’re not here just to sell something or just own a brand for the sake of nothing. I joined a lot of seminars and classes about skincare so I know what Fairy Doll is selling,” Angel said.

No wonder resellers of Fairy Doll products multiplied abruptly as they themselves testify to the effectiveness of its skincare products.

For those who want to be resellers, email them at partnership@fairydoll.ph or service@fairydoll.ph or contact their numbers 0922-8416-333 or 228-5841.